Migrating from HP OpenView Operations to Zabbix

Migration from HP OpenView to Zabbix might look challenging but is worth it due to a long list of benefits. Let’s discuss what HP OpenView is, learn some of its history, its main features, and the reason for migration, as well as discover the real migration use case showing the process in detail.

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Fault Tolerance and Lessons with Zabbix

Learn how to build a geographically distributed monitoring solution based on Zabbix combined with other opensource tools like Elasticsearch, Percona, HAproxy, and PowerDNS.

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Case Study. Digital Preservation Micro Services + Zabbix @ Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

The Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, and in Britain, it is second in size only to the British Library. First opened to scholars in 1602, it incorporates an earlier library built by the University in the 15th century to house books donated by Humfrey, Duke of Gloucester. Since 1602 it has expanded, slowly at first but with increasing momentum over the last 150 years, to keep pace with the ever-growing accumulation of books, papers, and other materials, but the core of the old buildings has remained intact. Together, the Bodleian Libraries hold over 13 million printed items.

The Bodleian Digital Library System and Services (BDLSS) department have used Zabbix since 2015 for monitoring infrastructure which consists of over 350 virtual servers, multiple storage systems, and two tape robot libraries.

The Clarendon Building, Oxford, United Kingdom

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Zabbix in the subway. Munich Transport Corporation Case Study

Munich Transport Corporation (MVG) is a division of an integrated service provider including electricity, gas and water utilities, as well as transportation services. Providing a daily service used by thousands of Munich residents and tourists, the company seeks for options to detect errors as fast as possible and efficiently deal with them.

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Zabbix at GTD Group, Case Study

“As one of the leading service providers in Chile, our key virtues drive us to be agile, reliable and caring for our customers’ experience and needs. Operating in the Internet, Telephony and TV sectors implies availability and consistency of everything we do. Being able to address all that is why we chose Zabbix.” – says Joel Urtubia Ugarte, senior network intelligence engineer at GTD Group.

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