Apache HTTP Server monitoring

Apache performance and understanding /server-status metrics

Apache Statistics Module: mod_status

Understanding website performance and Apache uptime should begin with external monitoring, i.e. Zabbix, which allows you to discover problems from a user’s perspective. Such problems involve:

  • Response timeout – no timely response from the server;
  • HTTP errors instead of a response;
  • Slow response – say, comparing to the last month’s average.

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Javascript support in item preprocessing

With new preprocessing steps added to Zabbix in nearly every release, it became obvious that it’s impossible to predict every business case, so we had to come up with a universal solution. This, in turn, raised an important question – which embedded scripting language/engine to use.

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Zabbix, Time Series Data and TimescaleDB

Every monitoring system has to deal with three kinds of performance-related challenges.

Firstly, a good monitoring system must receive, process and record incoming data very quickly. Every microsecond counts here. This may not seem obvious from the start but when your system becomes large enough all the tiny fractions of seconds add up to become seconds if not minutes.

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Zabbix in the subway. Munich Transport Corporation Case Study

Munich Transport Corporation (MVG) is a division of an integrated service provider including electricity, gas and water utilities, as well as transportation services. Providing a daily service used by thousands of Munich residents and tourists, the company seeks for options to detect errors as fast as possible and efficiently deal with them.

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Zabbix and the transformation of the financial flow in Brazil

Zabbix Conference LatAm 2019 will take place on April 25-27 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. We asked Daniel Nasiloski, one of the announced speakers, to tell more about his speech, that promises to be really interesting.

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New macros supported in Zabbix network maps

Zabbix 4.2 comes with the long awaited support of multiple macros for map element labels and URLs. In this blog post we will discuss what new features Zabbix provides and how to use them to make Zabbix network maps more awesome. For starters though, let me remind you what is a macro in Zabbix and how it’s typically used.

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Zabbix at GTD Group, Case Study

“As one of the leading service providers in Chile, our key virtues drive us to be agile, reliable and caring for our customers’ experience and needs. Operating in the Internet, Telephony and TV sectors implies availability and consistency of everything we do. Being able to address all that is why we chose Zabbix.” – says Joel Urtubia Ugarte, senior network intelligence engineer at GTD Group.

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