Monitoring network hardware with SNMPv3 in Zabbix

SNMP is the main protocol for monitoring network hardware which may be used in Zabbix — an all-in-one solution for monitoring a large number of objects in static (changing slowly) networks.

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The Clever and the Cool — Zabbix Meets IBM NetCool

Learn how Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH integrated Zabbix server instances into the existing IBM Netcool ticket system to reuse the entire existing infrastructure and attached business processes and work with alerts created by Zabbix.

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Developing plugins for Zabbix Agent 2

Zabbix Agent 2 is a promising platform that gives Zabbix more capabilities for data collection. Written in the powerful Go language, this new agent provides more options for plugin developers. More than that, it is less complicated than C Loadable modules, so creating plugins is now much more accessible for everyone.

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