Migrating from HP OpenView Operations to Zabbix

Migration from HP OpenView to Zabbix might look challenging but is worth it due to a long list of benefits. Let’s discuss what HP OpenView is, learn some of its history, its main features, and the reason for migration, as well as discover the real migration use case showing the process in detail.

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Fault Tolerance and Lessons with Zabbix

Learn how to build a geographically distributed monitoring solution based on Zabbix combined with other opensource tools like Elasticsearch, Percona, HAproxy, and PowerDNS.

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Scaling Zabbix with MySQL InnoDB Cluster

Build a scalable and highly available Zabbix monitoring system by scaling it on database level with MySQL InnoDB cluster. It guarantees data consistency and automated conflict resolution, automated failover, and self-healing.

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Zabbix Extends the Professional Services Package With New Support Tier for Global Enterprises

Zabbix is not only the ultimate monitoring solution that is being downloaded for millions of times every year. Zabbix is also a company that provides a wide range of professional services and technical support for those who work with Zabbix every day.

Zabbix Technical Support always seemed to be perfect – Enterprise level covered everything a large business required. But our customers asked for more – for one whole set of services, suitable for companies with branches and offices all around the Globe. So we have met the demand.

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