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Enable Safe Data Transmissions with Zabbix 3.0 Encryption Support

Encryption support is one of the long-awaited features in Zabbix. There were various proposals to provide it: from pre-shared secret key (PSK) authentication to full TLS and Kerberos support. A year ago it was decided to go ahead and provide … Continue reading

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Efficient synchronization of proxy configuration in Zabbix 2.0.7

Until Zabbix 2.0.7 proxies used a simple algorithm for their configuration synchronization – overwriting the old configuration with a new one. Even unchanged records were updated. It produced a lot of SQL updates even when there were no changes in … Continue reading

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Mysterious Zabbix Problems: How We Debug Them

This came as the first assignment for me, a new Zabbix employee – to fix a bug ZBX-3788 zabbix daemon processes hang on futex Sometimes terminating a Zabbix agent with “killall -15 zabbix_agentd” resulted in one hanging process and other … Continue reading

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