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Zabbix 2.0 packages for RHEL, CentOS, SL

EPEL finally offers Zabbix 2.0 packages. These packages are for you, if you are running RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux or any other Red Hat derivative. EPEL aims to provide best quality packages, that follow the same rules and conventions as … Continue reading

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API versioning

The 2.0.4 release contains a lot of improvements so one tiny change may have passed unnoticed: the version of the API has been bumped to 2.0.4 as well. Indeed, that’s one small change in the code, but a huge decision … Continue reading

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Translation freeze for 2.0.4 starts

As announced two months ago, translation/string freeze is obeyed now. Zabbix 2.0 branch enters freeze now in preparation for 2.0.4 release. For 2.0.3 our awesome translators managed to get 6 translations to 100%. How will it go for 2.0.4?

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Zabbix 2.0.3 is out with 6 completed translations

Zabbix is translated in multiple languages, 21 in total. Some are in better shape, some in worse, but the 2.0.3 release marks something fairly unique – 6 languages have 100% coverage.

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Zabbix office getting ready for the conference

The Zabbix conference welcoming event is as soon as tomorrow. Here at the Zabbix office we are having some fresh decorations – and a whole bunch of community members

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Translations for 2.0.3 progressing nicely

The translation improvement initiative is progressing nicely. We had a large jump for French from 69% to 100% and Japanese did the last sprint from 98% to 100% as well. The last percent for Chinese (Taiwan) was finished even before … Continue reading

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Aiming for full translations with 2.0.3

As many already know, Zabbix is translated in many languages, better in some, worse in others. With all the improvements that have happened to the translation framework and processes, including moving to gettext and recent introduction of string freeze, it seems … Continue reading

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Introducing string freeze

Zabbix is already translated in quite a lot of languages, but there could always be more, and the available ones could have better coverage. There are several ways how translators’ work can be made easier, and one step is the … Continue reading

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While there are people who have been very active in the Zabbix community, it might not be so easy to start participating, especially if you are not frequenting IRC, which is the main Zabbix community hub. Hopefully the Zabbix community … Continue reading

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Monitoring community

One of the promises of Zabbix is an ability to monitor pretty much anything. That is possible using various extending capabilities on the Zabbix server, binary agent and elsewhere. Maybe we can monitor some aspects of Zabbix community using Zabbix … Continue reading

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