Zabbix Championship

We are always curious to know where and how our software is used. Then add a natural desire for perpetual competition. Now you should understand why about 2 months ago we had asked all our newsletter readers to report us their Zabbix dashboard indicators.

We didn’t expect that so many of you will notice that small ad at the bottom of Christmas Eve’s newsletter inviting to take part in the competition ­čÖé And so we were pleasantly surprised to receive so many replies. Continue reading “Zabbix Championship”

Representative of ZABBIX-JP going to Latvia

“Community activities changed everything” – The only Japanese engineer working in Latvian company.
This article is a translation from an interview with Kodai Terashima in @IT in Japan.

´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐This article is a translation from an interview with Kodai Terashima┬áin @IT in Japan.┬áPlease do not hesitate to comment if you notice any mistakes or anything strange!

This article has already been translated into Brasilian Portuguese – Representante do ZABBIX-JP est├í indo para a Let├│nia.

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