The first day of CeBIT2012 was extremely busy and very productive for the Zabbix team.
We were pleasantly surprised to meet lots of old friends – thank you all for visiting us.
We also made new friends from many countries across the world, and we hope for a long lasting cooperation with every one of you.

The second day was even more busy than before, this is a small snapshot of people flocking towards the fairground:

Zabbix team also visited the open source park in hall 2 – nice to see some presence in CeBIT.

Of course, the ever-vigilant Tux was present there as well:

Meanwhile, back in hall 6, Latvian corner is active and fun:

With the first day being so busy, we didn’t have the time to fully present all the goodies we had – but we did so on the second day. If you haven’t done so yet, swing by our corner and get a few stickers, including the fairly-recent “Monitored by Zabbix” ones 🙂

Oh, just a quick reminder: we’re in hall 6. For those with visual memory: