I spent a couple of wonderful days at FrOScon 2010 conference recently. I was mostly interested in NoSQL track due to possible implementation of a high performance storage for Zabbix historical data. However after a few presentations I realized that the topic requires more in-depth research, there are so many NoSQL engines around each with its own functionality and feature set.

by Lenz Grimmer

On the next day Oliver Sennhauser delivered an excellent talk about use of Zabbix as an alternative to MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Despite the fact that the talk was in German I was able to understand nearly everything (at least I hope so) thanks to the slides being in English.

The topic is not new to me since there are many users monitoring their databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, Informix) with Zabbix. Zabbix provides one solution for monitoring of all database engines, yet it may require more effort to configure it efficiently. Obviously MySQL Enterprise Monitor will be easier to setup, yet it comes at price and is limited to one database engine only.

I was surprised by the level of knowledge of the audience when it comes to specific functionality of Zabbix!

I have to say that Oliver made a great job by making Zabbix templates aimed specifically at performance monitoring of various free and non-free MySQL storage engines. Unfortunately, the templates are not freely available at the moment.

It was interesting to hear about various MySQL backup options from Percona team. Aurimas Mikalauskas, one of Percona consultants, shared an excellent tip regarding use of mk_query_digest utility, which can be used for gathering real-time data and making statistical reports for queries executed by MySQL server just by sniffing network traffic. Great tool!

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11 years ago

Two years ago I was at the same talk as you and didn’t know anything about Zabbix.
Now, two years later, it is impossible to work normally without it.
The talk by Oliver was great. I completely agree with one thing he said at the end: If he has to invent a new monitoring program, it would be like Zabbix.
Many thanks for implementing it!
Is someone from Zabbix team this year at the FrOSCon in Germany?

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