Prevent receiving a flood of unwanted alerts and receive only the most critical notifications by defining trigger dependencies.

Every IT infrastructure has multiple elements, failure of which can cause a cascading set of problems across the particular infrastructure segment. It is important to prevent an unwanted alert storm and highlight only the root cause problem within the problem chain.

Define trigger dependencies to prevent alert storms:

  • Only the most critical problems will be displayed in Zabbix
  • Dependent triggers will not generate problems until the parent trigger is in an OK state
  • Each trigger can have multiple trigger dependencies
  • Trigger dependencies can be defined between triggers on different hosts

Check out the video to learn how to define trigger dependencies.

How to define a trigger dependency:
  1. Navigate to Configuration → Hosts
  2. Find the host for which you will define the trigger dependency
  3. Click on the triggers button next to the host
  4. Open the trigger for which you will define the dependency
  5. Click on the Dependencies tab
  6. Click add and select the host containing the parent trigger
  7. Select the trigger on which the current trigger will depend on
  8. If required, add more trigger dependencies
  9. Click the Update button
  10. Simulate a problem to test the dependency
  11. Navigate to Monitoring → Problems and observe the trigger dependency behavior
Tips and best practices:
  • The dependent trigger will only be re-evaluated once the related item receives new metrics
  • Trigger dependency may be added between host triggers as long as it wouldn’t result in a circular dependency
  • A trigger dependency chain between multiple hosts can be created
  • Zabbix will not execute actions for the dependent trigger if the parent trigger is in a problem state
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2 years ago

Hi, I cannot find the add button in the latest version 6.0 LTS
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