Suppress unwanted problems during planned maintenance by defining Zabbix maintenance periods.

Planned downtimes due to maintenance are a part of every administrator’s life. Be it updating your software or upgrading the underlying hardware – sooner or later we will need to schedule a planned downtime. We also need to find a way to suppress the problems that these planned maintenance jobs can cause.

Define maintenance periods in Zabbix:

  • Prevent alert storms during maintenance periods
  • Define scheduled or one-time downtimes
  • Define maintenance periods for hosts or host groups
  • Use tags to suppress only the matching problems

Check out the video to learn how to use Zabbix Sender to send custom metrics to your Zabbix instance.

How to define a Zabbix maintenance period:
  1. Navigate to Configuration → Maintenance
  2. Click on the Create maintenance period button
  3. Type in the maintenance period name
  4. Select the maintenance type and the activity time window
  5. Add a period during which your maintenance will take place
  6. Select hosts and/or host groups
  7. Optionally, specify tags to suppress only the matching problems 
  8. Add the maintenance period
  9. Wait until the configuration changes are picked up by the Zabbix server
  10. Navigate to Monitoring → Problems
  11. Confirm if the problems on the host are suppressed
Tips and best practices:
  • Suppressed problems can be displayed in the problems section by checking the Show suppressed problems checkbox
  • Host status is switched to/from maintenance only at the start of the minute
  • If you create a maintenance period with data collection, the triggers are processed as usual, but any related problems are suppressed
  • If you create a maintenance period with no data collection, no related metrics will be collected during the maintenance period 
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Sergio Belkin
Sergio Belkin
1 year ago

What’s the difference between “activity time Windows” and “Periods” ?

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