Display and track the status of your infrastructure on your dashboards by using the Zabbix Geomap widget.

As your IT infrastructure grows and branches out, it can become more and more complicated to track the status of each and every infrastructure component. IT infrastructure administrators need to find a way to present the state of the infrastructure entities across different data centers in a simple and easy-to-understand fashion.

Display your infrastructure status by using the Zabbix Geomap widget:

  • Choose from different geographical map providers
  • Display the number of problems in a particular geographical location
  • Use filters to display only a specific subset of hosts
  • Select problems of which severities should be displayed on the map

Check out the video to learn how to deploy the Geomap widget on Zabbix dashboards.

How to deploy the Geomap widget on Zabbix dashboards:

  1. Navigate to Configuration → Hosts 
  2. Open a host that you wish to display on the Geographical map
  3. Confirm that the host inventory is in Automatic or Manual mode
  4. Open the Inventory tab 
  5. Populate the Location longitude and Location latitude fields
  6. Press the Update button
    • You can use the Mass update functionality to update the inventory information for multiple hosts
  7. Navigate to Monitoring → Dashboard and open your dashboard 
  8. Click the Edit dashboard button and press the Add button
  9. Select the Geomap widget
  10. Apply the host filters and provide the initial view coordinates
    • Right-click on the map to provide the initial view coordinates after the map has been created
  11. Press the Add button
  12. Navigate to Administration → General → Geographical maps and try out other Tile providers
Tips and best practices
  • Host markers displayed on the map have the color of the host’s most serious problem and green color if a host has no problems
  • If no filters are selected, all hosts with valid coordinates will be displayed
  • You can use Zabbix items or the Zabbix API to automatically populate the host inventory fields
  • It is possible to specify a custom geographical map tile provider under Administration → General → Geographical maps
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