Deploy your Zabbix servers and proxies in the Azure cloud.

There are many use cases where deploying your Zabbix server or Zabbix proxies in the cloud can reduce costs, provide an additional layer of security and redundancy, and improve the available management toolset.

Deploy your Zabbix instance in the Azure cloud with the official Zabbix cloud images:

  • Cloud images are available for the latest Zabbix server and proxy versions
  • Deploy a fresh Zabbix instance in 5 minutes
  • Dynamically scale the cloud resources
  • Select the deployment options based on your budget

Check out the video to learn how to deploy Zabbix in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform:

How to deploy Zabbix in the Azure cloud platform:

  1. Navigate to the Zabbix Cloud Images page
  2. Select the Microsoft Azure vendor and Zabbix server cloud image
  3. Press the Get it now button and press Continue in the next window
  4. On the deployment page press the Create button
  5. Provide the virtual machine name, resource group, region
  6. Specify the administrator account settings
  7. Provide the disk, network, tag, and advanced settings
  8. Verify the provided settings
  9. Press Create to begin deploying the virtual machine
  10. For public key authentication: download and store the private key
  11. Once the deployment is complete, press the Go to resource button
  12. Save your public IP address and connect to it via SSH
  13. Save the initial frontend username and password
  14. Use the public IP address to connect to your Zabbix frontend
  15. Log in with the saved username and password obtained
Tips and best practices
  • The default SSH user is called azureuser
  • Remember to store your SSH private key in a secure location
  • You can access the Zabbix database by using the root user
  • The password for the MySQL database root user is stored in /root/.my.cnf configuration file

Feeling overwhelmed with deploying and managing your Zabbix instance?
Check out the Zabbix certified specialist courses, where under the guidance of a Zabbix certified trainer, you will learn how to deploy, configure and manage your Zabbix instance.

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How to connect Windows 10 Client host to Zabbix in the Azure cloud.

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