Let Zabbix automatically discover and start monitoring your SNMP data points.

Creating items manually for each network interface, fan, temperature sensor, and other SNMP data points can be a very time-consuming task. To save time, Zabbix administrators need to automate item, trigger, and graph creation as much as possible.

Automate item, trigger and graph creation with SNMP low-level discovery rules:

  • An entity will be created for each of the discovered indexes
  • Specify multiple OIDs to discover additional information about an entity
  • Filter entities based on any of the discovered OID values
  • Low-level discovery can be used with SNMP v1, v2c and v3

Check out the video to learn how to use Zabbix low-level discovery to discover SNMP entities.

How to use Zabbix low-level discovery to discover SNMP entities:

  1. Navigate to ConfigurationHosts and find your SNMP host
  2. Open the Discovery section and create a discovery rule
  3. Provide a name, a key, and select the Type – SNMP agent
  4. Populate the SNMP OID field with the following LLD syntax
  5. discovery[{#LLD.MACRO1},<OID1>,{#LLD.MACRO2},<OID2>]
  6. Navigate to the Filters section and provide the LLD filters
  7. Press Add to create the LLD rule
  8. Open the Item prototypes section and create an item prototype
  9. Provide the Item prototype name and key
  10. Populate the OID field ending it with the {#SNMPINDEX} LLD macro
  11. Configure the required tags and preprocessing rules
  12. Press Add to create the item prototype
  13. Wait for the LLD rule to execute and observe the discovered items
Tips and best practices
  • snmpwalk tool can be used to list the OIDs provided by the monitored device
  • If a particular entity does not have the specified OID, the corresponding macro will be omitted for it
  • OIDs can be added to your LLD rule for usage in filters and tags
  • The {#SNMPINDEX} LLD macro is discovered automatically based on the indexes listed for each OID in the LLD rule

Learn how Zabbix low-level discovery rules can be used to automate the creation of your Zabbix entities by attending our Zabbix Certified Professional course. During the course, you will learn the many use cases of low-level discovery by performing a variety of practical tasks under the guidance of a Zabbix certified trainer.

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Nathan Sharp
Nathan Sharp
1 year ago

all of this is out of date. almost none of the selections in this guide exist.

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