Convert any dashboard into a recurring PDF report and email it out on a set interval. Help your team make smarter, data-backed decisions by sending them regular updates.

Before the release of Zabbix 5.4, the native Zabbix reporting capabilities were quite limited and users had to resort to writing custom API scripts to format and receive the required reports on a schedule.

With the release of Zabbix 5.4, Zabbix users can finally send and receive scheduled PDF reports:

  • The report will be emailed as a PDF attachment
  • Customizable email subject and message fields
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports
  • Create an unlimited number of reports
  • Recipient access permissions will be respected in reports

Check out the video to learn how to schedule a PDF report:

Let’s schedule a new report directly from a dashboard

  1. In a dashboard, press the menu icon and select Create new report
  2. The report name must be unique
  3. Select the dashboard in the Dashboard field
  4. Choose the period for which the report will be generated
  5. Select the report cycle
  6. Select the report start time
  7. Optionally, select the report start and end date
  8. Specify email subject and message
  9. Select users or users groups who should receive the report
  10. Optionally, add a report description
  11. Select your report in  Monitoring → Scheduled reports
  12. Press Test to make sure the report is configured correctly
  13. Confirm that the test report has been received
  14. Save the report. It will be sent out on the next report cycle
Tips and best practices:
  • When testing the report, the test report will be sent to the current user
  • To enable scheduled report generation, you need to install and configure Zabbix web service
  • Reports are sent to the email addresses specified in Zabbix user profiles under the Email media.
  • Subject and message fields support the macro {TIME}. It will be expanded as current time in hh:mm:ss format
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