Introducing Speakers of Zabbix Conference 2016, part 4

Zabbix Conference 2016

Continuing our agenda themed articles, in this blog post we present you Sumit Goel, Lead Monitoring & Automation Engineer at, one of the most innovative company in the world by Forbes and one of the biggest cloud service providers.


Sumit will be expanding the topic of the global shift towards flexibility and different demands for monitoring of cloud services, with his speech at Zabbix Conference 2016.

There are only 4 days left to become a part of this year’s event. Visit our conference page to satisfy your curiosity and join today, to find all the reasons why participating will be beneficial for you and your company.

Pre-conference Interview with Sumit Goel

Tell us about you and your company, how did you get started, and what choices led you to where you are now?

Sumit GoelSalesforce is the #1 CRM platform and ecosystem, with leading apps in sales, service, marketing, community, analytics and the Internet of Things.

I have been in the high tech industry for the past ten years in various roles, including technical support engineer, software engineer and system administrator. My most recent experience has been identifying monitoring requirements on a service by service basis and then implementing comprehensive monitoring of the IT service catalogue. As Lead Monitoring and Automation Engineer with Salesforce Enterprise IT, I am responsible for the design, implementation, development and management of our internal monitoring environment.

I have always loved tinkering with the technology, and there couldn’t be a better place than Monitoring and Automation for me.

What are your biggest challenges, and could you give us some interesting statistics regarding your work?

As one of the top ten fastest growing software companies, Salesforce is constantly adding new systems and applications in monitoring. As a result, we are collecting tons of telemetry data and presenting the data in easy and effortless way to the service managers is our biggest challenge.

At Salesforce Enterprise IT, we are using Zabbix to monitor corporate data centers, cloud infrastructure and application services.

What is your history with Zabbix Conference, and could you tell us your motivation for becoming one of the speakers for this year’s event?

This will be my first time at Zabbix conference and I am super excited to present some of the awesome things we have done to enhance our monitoring capabilities mainly around cloud applications.

I believe monitoring is an iterative and evolving process and sharing is the best way of learning.

What would be the key message of your presentation, and what do you want attendees to learn from your talk?

As more and more companies move toward cloud solutions like software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service, monitoring strategy has become even more crucial to the business. When these cloud applications are not available or performance is not per customer expectations then it creates unnecessary dissatisfaction and without real data it’s hard to hold cloud service providers accountable. In my talk, I will share some of the ways we monitor cloud application services.

In your opinion, what are the main advantages and reasons for joining the upcoming Zabbix Conference 2016?

I have been using Zabbix for the last two years, but I haven’t been very engaged in the Zabbix community. I see the Zabbix Conference 2016 as platform to connect with great minds in the community and learn how they are solving their monitoring challenges.

What topics you look forward to discussing with Zabbix community, conference participants and Zabbix team?

I look forward to discussing some of the cool things people are doing with Zabbix and the future of monitoring.


At the conference Sumit will list and describe multiple ways of monitoring cloud apps. Some of the methods are: building in web monitoring using Curl, web browser automation tools like Selenium, external scripts (reading vendor status dashboard) and API calls to the app.

We are excited to see Sumits presentation at the Zabbix Conference, to find out the latest trends and best practices in the ever changing world of IT,  and more specifically, cloud monitoring.

Only 4 days are left to register, so we encourage you to act now and join the biggest Zabbix event of the year, to discover new possibilities of Zabbix, find answers, get to know Zabbix experts and community, people who share your passion, and quite possibly might become your next business partners!

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