It’s Winter in Zabbixland

Just a couple of pictures of what’s happening at the home of Zabbix. Short version – winter is here.

And it just keeps in falling. So if we are missing… that probably means we are shoveling our way out.

2 thoughts on “It’s Winter in Zabbixland”

  1. Hi guys!

    I really appreciate work that you are doing by making such a great product as Zabbix is!

    But I would really like you to think about redesigning your blog, because it doesn’t leave serious impression – information is presented in chaotic order (formatting is bad, very bad) – there is tons of free templates and paid either – maybe it can help! I really like Zabbix and you know – all the small things make big things – so think about it!

    You can present your company 100 times better! Good luck to you Zabbix team!

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