Times have never been better for managed service providers (MSPs). The demand for remote monitoring services has skyrocketed as cloud adoption rises and working from home becomes the new standard. The number of organizations that trust MSPs with the everyday functioning of their mission-critical IT systems and processes has grown rapidly – nearly 9 out of 10 small and medium enterprises either use or plan to use MSPs to manage their infrastructure.

As a service provider, an MSP needs to be ahead of the curve at all times and adopt a constantly-shifting and evolving set of best practices for remote monitoring and management. At Zabbix, we’ve created the ultimate solution for full-stack IT monitoring, and we’ve built in features and benefits that are designed to make it as easy as possible for MSPs to provide top-quality monitoring to their clients as well. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Zabbix the ideal monitoring tool for any MSP.

There are no limits to what you can monitor with Zabbix

And when we say no limits, we mean no limits! Zabbix literally allows you to monitor anything from the frequency of a baby’s cries to the hydraulic systems on a space station. From hardware to software to middleware, VEP resources, virtual resources, and more, Zabbix is capable of monitoring millions of metrics.  As an MSP, you’re no doubt called upon to tackle anything from basic network and server monitoring to highly advanced cloud, container, and Kubernetes monitoring. Zabbix lets you keep it all under one roof and handle it with a single solution.

You can integrate Zabbix with any client’s systems

Today’s MSP needs to be able to seamlessly integrate their tools and processes with the IT frameworks and ITIL guidelines of their clients as well as their business goals, strategies, and best practices. Zabbix is designed to work with third party solutions and boasts a constantly-growing list of official integrations.

When you’re notified of a potential problem, you can easily forward your alerts to third-party ITSM, helpdesk, and messaging systems, enhance them with the additional information that Zabbix is able to collect, and freely customize the outgoing messages for different clients – just one of the areas where Zabbix stands out as an ideal multitenant solution.

Zabbix makes reporting and analysis simple

MSPs need to be able to quickly generate and share regular reports and analyses with clients, keeping them up to speed on the status, performance, and health of their infrastructure. Ideally, those reports should be clear, concise, and actionable, highlighting key metrics and insights via graphs, charts, and tables, identifying trends, and predicting potential issues. Done right, reporting can enhance service quality and position you as an ideal strategic partner.

When you make the decision to deploy Zabbix scheduled reports, you’ll get daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly overviews of the infrastructures and business services you’ve been tasked to monitor. You can also track the changes performed in your Zabbix instance with our robust and detailed built-in audit logging functionality, all of which is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your clients in the loop.

Zabbix makes data easy to visualize

Much like the world around them, MSPs have become increasingly more data-driven. It’s easy to understand why – when you have critical information right in front of you, it’s easier to see trends you would have otherwise missed, which in turn helps you make better-informed decisions that can help guide you to success.

Zabbix dashboards are built to serve as visual storybooks for your business. They transform complex monitoring metrics into an engaging narrative, presenting intimidating data in an intuitive, insightful layout and making data interpretation simple.

You can customize dashboards, screens, and slideshows to easily track the status of a tenant’s infrastructure, applications, and business services. You can also leverage a wide range of dashboard widgets to aggregate, transform, and graph your data while also tracking your monitoring endpoints on geographical and network maps, identifying the status of the most critical alarms, and sorting your monitoring endpoints by resource usage.

Zabbix makes effective security management easier

When it comes to cyberattacks, MSPs are up against a constantly changing threat landscape, not to mention the challenges they face in protecting diverse, multitenant setups. With Zabbix, you can secure connections to and from your monitoring endpoints either with certificates or via pre-shared key encryption.

Multitenant MSPs can also control access to different Zabbix elements and features by creating unique Zabbix roles for your tenants while taking advantage of the native permission logic to isolate monitoring endpoints between tenants. Host groups and subgroups let you decide what your tenants can see, and encrypted agents help to secure all communication, including proxy-to-server communication.

You can also rely on encrypted communication between Zabbix components as well as flexible permissions, user authentication, and integrations with secret vaults for storing passwords and other sensitive information.

Zabbix is inherently scalable

There are no two ways about it – surviving as an MSP in today’s business environment means being able to scale. The number of customers that you support is likely to vary from year to year or even month to month. In order to add customers without compromising your level of service, you need to scale up. And if your customer base shrinks, you will probably need to decrease the size of your infrastructure and operations in order to avoid spending money on services that your business no longer needs.

By deploying Zabbix proxies and letting them collect and process data on behalf of the primary Zabbix server node, you can easily scale your Zabbix instance as your client base expands – no matter where those clients happen to be. And if you need to scale back your business for any reason, it’s a simple matter of deleting the unused proxies.

Zabbix is uniquely cost-efficient

A key benefit of Zabbix has always been that it’s open-source – there are no license fees associated with using our software, and you’re not locked into an endless, inflexible contract. Meanwhile, our extensive range of competitively-priced professional services are designed to fit the unique needs of MSPs and give you the most effective solutions as quickly as possible.

Perhaps most importantly for a multitenant MSP, Zabbix is built to run without the need for a lot of infrastructure or resources. With Zabbix, you can offer your clients more flexibility than comparable monitoring solutions while dramatically lowering the amount of hardware, CPU power, and costs involved.


In order to serve the constantly evolving needs of their clients, MSPs demand more flexibility and features than ever before – and this naturally extends to the monitoring solutions they choose. Rather than offer a few additional services to target MSPs, we’ve built our business with them in mind, which is why we offer a range of feature-rich technical support plans specifically for MSPs.

To learn more about what Zabbix can do for MSPs like yours, visit our website or request a demo.

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