We’ve recently published the documentation for some of the APIs that have been introduced in 2.0 but had not been covered in the manual at all. If you are a Zabbix expert, you’re probably already aware of their existence, but if you don’t know your way around the source code, you might have missed them. Anyway, you can now familiarize yourself with six useful APIs for maintaining your Zabbix configuration.

Prototype APIs

The item prototype, trigger prototype and graph prototype APIs allow you to manage low-level discovery rule prototypes. If your Zabbix installation uses LLD, then this is a convenient way of updating your prototype configuration.

IT service API

The IT service API provides a way for the API clients to utilize a powerful Zabbix feature – IT services. Not only does it provide the standard CRUD methods, but it also allows you to retrieve detailed information about the availability of the monitored services using the service.getsla method.

Host interface API

The host interface API is an alternative way of configuring available host interfaces. It’s designed around the host interface object and is well-suited for updating interfaces without having to deal with hosts themselves.

Screen item API

Similar to the host interface API, the screen item API provides a way to configure screen items separately from the screens. It also implements a special screen.updatebyposition method to update elements in specific screen cells.

We’ve also reviewed and improved most of the existing documentation pages. If you’ve been missing some details about a certain object or method, you’ll probably find them now.