Striking the Right Balance: Zabbix 7.0 to be Released Under AGPLv3 License

At Zabbix, we believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and we’re proud to have built a thriving community that reflects our values of openness, transparency, and cooperation. That’s why we’ve championed the open-source movement.

Our number one priority is and always has been to make sure that we’re able to provide our solution to millions, while being able to maintain and develop it.

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Securing the Zabbix Frontend

The frontend is what we use to login into our system. The Zabbix frontend will connect to our Zabbix server and our database. But we also send information from our laptop to the frontend. It’s important that when we enter our credentials that we can do this in a safe way. So it makes sense to make use of certificates and one way to do this is by making use of self-signed certificates.

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