Brian van Baekel at Zabbix Conference Benelux 2020

Monitoring a dual-homed machine within Zabbix

In this post, we will consider a setup for legacy networks, which is, combined with some API calls to the DNS server, allows for updating the entries automatically and facilitating an automatic failover. This presentation was delivered by Brian van Baekel, an experienced consultant and Zabbix trainer at Opensource ICT Solutions B.V., The Netherlands during Zabbix Conference Benelux 2020.

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Zabbix and SCADA: Who watches the watchers?

The case about how Apache Corporation put Zabbix to work helping satisfy special requirements in the Oil & Gas industry where it is common to have more than one industrial automation supplier across multiple production and processing facilities. Consolidated monitoring of complex IT infrastructure, OEM industrial devices/services, custom applications, and integration with other open-source solutions.

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