Zabbix 6 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Cookbook: Interview with the Co-Author

We say Zabbix is a universal monitoring system, which is true. In many cases, the Zabbix potential is limited only by knowledge and the ability to use all the functions properly. That is why various training materials, including books, are so important. Nathan Liefting and Brian van Baekel recently presented their new Monitoring Cookbook on Zabbix 6.0 features and made a huge contribution to the existing knowledge pool. One of the book’s authors kindly agreed to tell us more about the issue.

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Webhooks in Zabbix

Zabbix is not only a flexible and versatile monitoring system but also a convenient tool for generating alerts and integrating with existing service desks. Among the various integration methods, webhooks have become the most popular. In this blog post, we will take a look at what are webhooks, how they can be used to integrate Zabbix with an external solution, and also take a look at some use case examples for webhook integrations.

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Zabbix security advisories regarding CVE-2022-23131 and CVE-2022-23134

Here at Zabbix, the security of our product is our top priority. It has come to our attention that two potential CVE issues have been highlighted in tech media outlets  –  CVE-2022-23131 and CVE-2022-23134.

The most critical issue – CVE-2022-23131, affects only Zabbix instances where SAML SSO authentication is in use. While CVE-2022-23134 Affects Zabbix 5.4.x releases older than Zabbix 5.4.9.

Zabbix is aware of the following vulnerabilities And they have since been fixed in Zabbix version 5.4.9 and the stable release of Zabbix 6.0 LTS.

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Tags in Zabbix 6.0 LTS – Usage, subfilters and guidelines

Starting from Zabbix 5.4, item tags have completely replaced applications. This design decision has allowed us to implement many new usability improvements – from providing additional information and classification to the tagged entities, to defining action conditions and security permissions by referencing specific tags and their values. Let’s take a look at how tags are defined in the official Zabbix templates and some of the potential tag use cases when configuring actions and access permissions.

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Monitoring Juniper Mist wireless network

As Premium Zabbix partner, Opensource ICT Solutions is building Zabbix solutions all over the world. That means we have customers with a broad variety of requirements, thoughts on how to monitor things, which metrics are important and how to alert upon it. If one of those customers approaches us with a question concerning a task the likes of which we have never done before, it’s a challenge. And we love challenges! This blog post will cover one such challenge that we solved some time ago.

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