One of the most common questions the Zabbix Sales team gets is, “How do you make money selling an open-source product that literally anyone in the world can download for free? Where’s the business?”

The simplest and shortest answer is that we’ve developed a three-part approach to our business – build a best-in-class monitoring solution, make that solution open source and available to everyone, and develop a set of Zabbix professional services that help our users save time and money.

There’s a lot of information available about the first two parts of this trifecta, so in this post I’m going to complete it by going into a little bit more detail about what Zabbix professional services can do for you and why they’re well worth the investment.

What do our clients look for?

Our professional services are designed to be flexible enough to fit your unique business demands, and they include technical support, turnkey and migration solutions, professional training, and template building integrations. These are the main services that my team and I see our clients expressing an interest in on a daily basis, so let’s take a look at each one individually.

Zabbix turnkey/migration services

This service is perfect for Zabbix users who are new to Zabbix and who would like to either start using Zabbix or migrate from another solution to Zabbix. Because they’re just starting out, we help them design their Zabbix environment, deploy it, and make it secure. Whether it’s just a local installation for devices in one location or if the devices and applications you would like to monitor are spread around the globe worldwide, distribution is not an issue thanks to our scalable Zabbix architecture.

We start out by doing an analysis to make sure that whatever your requirements are, we’ll be able to meet them. Based on this, we provide a specific timeline and a cost estimate of how much this service will cost you. Once we have approval from your side, we move forward to implementation, which includes documentation, a full knowledge transfer, and constant check-ins to make sure your expectations are met.

It’s a service that quickly pays for itself when you consider the potential downsides of attempting to go the DIY route – notably, a high risk of delay or failure (which will end up costing you money and time rather than saving it). When our team guides your Zabbix deployment and implementation, your project gets done properly and on time, with an average implementation time of 10 days as opposed to several months if you go the self-service route. Thanks to the skills and experience of our engineers, we’re accurate in 95% of our project estimates, so it’s easy to calculate the time and money you’ll save by leaving it to us.

Zabbix technical support

Technical support is intended for clients and Zabbix users who have already deployed Zabbix and are using it on a daily basis. It’s an annual subscription, with pricing dependent on the size of your Zabbix environment and how many legal entities will be using it.

The silver tier is meant for simple installations, where only one Zabbix server is available. The gold and platinum tiers are dependent on your Zabbix environment, including how many proxies you have. The enterprise and global tiers support unlimited Zabbix servers and proxies, and they include plenty of other useful services, including training, consulting, and even development.

Zabbix also offers a specialized managed service provider (MSP) support subscription, tailored for companies that provide monitoring services for their own clients. These companies need to have support for their clients as well as themselves, which means that the support structure is slightly different, with the key differentiator being the number of hosts.

When it comes to saving time and money with Zabbix professional services, there’s no better move than purchasing a Zabbix technical support package. In many cases, our clients need to dedicate at least one specialist to take care of their Zabbix environment and make sure that everything is up and running. But what happens when that individual is out of office for any reason, or needs assistance?

A Zabbix support subscription costs considerably less than hiring an additional engineer or outsourcing issues to a third-party specialist, and the level of expertise in our team simply can’t be matched – you’ll have a full team of support engineers who are available around the clock to jump on any request that you have and provide you with an answer whenever you need it. Not only that, but tickets created within our support portal are nearly always answered in less than one hour, regardless of SLAs.

Zabbix template building and integrations

On our website, you’ll find an extensive list of available integrations, many of which are supported by Zabbix directly and many more of which are built and developed by our global community. But what if your specific needs call for a template that doesn’t exist yet?

Not to worry – not only do we maintain a massive library of existing templates, but on average, it takes only 3 to 10 days for us to create a standard template from scratch. For standard templates that we want to maintain for future versions, we’re ready to give a fixed price and cover part of the cost of the development of the template ourselves – something that definitely wouldn’t be on the table if you were to have a third-party vendor create the template for you.

Zabbix professional training

When you invest in Zabbix professional training courses for your employees, what you’re really investing in is improved efficiency, faster project completion time, and a much lower risk of project failure.

The effectiveness of employees who have gone through a Zabbix training course is impossible to miss – they learn tips and tricks about how to work better with Zabbix that wouldn’t be possible for them to pick up anywhere else. Our goal is to give you and your employees comprehensive knowledge about how to use Zabbix as effectively as possible.

Here are our core courses – user, specialist, professional, and expert. Our recommendation is to take them all in a row, as it’s the best way to make sure that you’ll be equipped with the most up-to-date subject knowledge. There’s also a bargain involved if you purchase them as a bundle!

We’ve also got advanced, one-day courses that can be taken separately whenever you need, depending on the topic that you’re interested in understanding better.

Learning is a lifelong process, and because we strive to create new upgrades and put out new versions every year, Zabbix upgrade courses are the perfect way to quickly brush up on your knowledge and keep your skills relevant.

All of our training courses are designed to produce a quick, measurable return on investment, equipping you and your employees with the knowledge you need to get the most out of Zabbix. Our website is full of testimonials and additional information, so it’s the perfect place to start if you have any questions or you want to get started on your training journey.


From the beginning, our goal at Zabbix has been a world without interruptions. In practice, that means giving businesses of all kinds the all-in-one, Enterprise-level solution they need to monitor their devices, applications, and processes. With the help of Zabbix professional services, you can help you minimize or even eliminate downtime, so that you can keep your business is up and running at all times, increasing your efficiency, and generating more revenue in the process.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more – we’re standing by with the answers to any questions you may have.

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