To help everyone in our community get up to speed with Zabbix Summit speakers and their topics, we’re continuing our series of interviews and sitting down for a chat with Marianna Portela of Brazilian mass media conglomerate Globo. Read on to get a preview of her Summit speech topic and see how she uses Zabbix to bring massive live events to millions of users around the globe.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your work.

I’m a tech lead at Globo, the largest media group in Latin America. It includes over-the-air broadcasting, television and film production, a pay television subscription service, streaming media, publishing, and online services.

How long have you been using Zabbix? What kind of daily Zabbix tasks are you involved in at your company?

I have been working at Globo for 15 years. I’ve been involved in monitoring for 11 of those years, and I’ve been using Zabbix for 10. I help monitor the applications that generate data for live events, and I use Zabbix to generate metrics that support decision-making related to better content delivery quality.

Can you name a few of the specific challenges that Zabbix has helped you solve?

Zabbix allows us to empower our users and supports our entire digital transformation – including many things related to Globoplay streaming. It also helps us monitor live event infrastructure, like the Olympics and World Cup. Previously, when there were technical issues during live events, we would try to figure out what happened after the fact, but no longer – Zabbix gives us a proactive analysis of potential occurrences within live production.

Can you give us a sneak peek at what we can expect to hear during your Zabbix Summit speech?

I’m planning to talk about how we use Zabbix to help ensure the quality monitoring of live production, which is essentially the production and the part of Globo that deals with any type of live event and generates data for things like games, for example. I’ll introduce how we started with actual infrastructure monitoring and how this digital transformation at Globo began, specifically how we managed to enter new areas like content generation, especially live content. Then I’ll also discuss some specifics of how we monitor live event infrastructure.

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