At Zabbix, we believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and we’re proud to have built a thriving community that reflects our values of openness, transparency, and cooperation. That’s why we’ve championed the open-source movement.

Our number one priority is and always has been to make sure that we’re able to provide our solution to millions, while being able to maintain and develop it.

Why AGPLv3?

Since 2001, all major and minor versions of Zabbix Monitoring Solution software have been released under GNU General Public License version 2.0 or later (GPLv2 or later), which has proven to be a strong and well-regarded copyleft license.

As the tech landscape has evolved, however, we’ve been on the lookout for a licensing solution that would allow us to stay open source while keeping our values intact, adding flexibility, and maintaining copyright protection. That’s why we’re releasing version 7.0, the next major version of Zabbix, under GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3).

AGPL V3 is an OSI-approved license that meets all criteria for Free and Open-Source Software. The purpose of AGPLv3 is to impose copyleft license on modified versions made available for use over a network, which we believe will help us strike the right balance between our open-source roots and effective copyright protection.

How will this affect the Zabbix community?

Our community impacts our popularity and the direction of our development. Their contributions are important to us, and as far as we’re concerned, the release of the 7.0 version of Zabbix software under AGPLv3 will not create any impact on any plugins, modules, or widgets released under any AGPLv3 compliant licenses. Our Contributor License Agreement (CLA) will not change in any way, and you can find the current version of it here.

In terms of templates, there is an opinion that application programming interfaces (APIs) are not protected by copyright. However, if the developer of a template considers the template copyrightable, we recommend that they release the template under any permissive or copyleft open-source software license that is AGPLv3 compliant (e.g., 3-clause BSD, MIT, Apache license 2.0, LGPLv3, GPLv3, or AGPLv3).

How will this affect Zabbix itself (the product)?

It won’t. This change will do nothing to prevent Zabbix users from using Zabbix software — in fact, the only difference is that under the AGPLv3 license users must share source code if they are modifying it and making it available to others, either by distribution or over a network. For distributors, AGPLv3 has the same source code sharing requirements as other strong copyleft licenses, including GPLv2 or later.


We’re honored by the number of users who love Zabbix and don’t want to see it change in any way. We believe that releasing the 7.0 version of Zabbix software under the AGPLv3 licence is the perfect balance between protecting our business interests and staying free and open source.

If you want to learn more about AGPLv3, the GNU project has a comprehensive FAQ section, and the Free Software Foundation has published a useful guide as well. We’ve added our own FAQ section below for anyone who wants more specific information, and you can also visit our updated license page.


Why is Zabbix doing this? And why now?

Being open source is central to our business model, which is all about empowering partners to provide our customers with individual solutions. After much internal discussion, we’ve determined that moving to AGPLv3 is the best way to make sure that anyone who modifies our software makes it available to everyone. The upcoming 7.0 release provided us with the perfect time to make the move. It’s a way for us to get two birds with one stone – we can make sure that no commercial entity helps themselves to our product while circumventing copyleft requirements, and we can also make sure that anyone who does modify our code makes their modifications available to everyone.

Will this affect the Zabbix version that I already have?

Absolutely not! There is no impact on any older releases of Zabbix in any way.

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