Developing plugins for Zabbix Agent 2

Zabbix Agent 2 is a promising platform that gives Zabbix more capabilities for data collection. Written in the powerful Go language, this new agent provides more options for plugin developers. More than that, it is less complicated than C Loadable modules, so creating plugins is now much more accessible for everyone.

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Deep Dive in Zabbix Preprocessing

Arturs Lontons
Zabbix Certified Expert & Trainer

What are the different ways you can use Zabbix preprocessing and why you should consider implementing it in your environment? Let’s take a brief look at how Zabbix preprocessing has evolved and the technical nuances of transforming and storing your preprocessed data.

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Zabbix XPath Preprocessing

Processing of XML documents were never as easy as now. Xpath preprocessing is available as a native functionality without any third party scripts or modules. Write your xpath query and use it against your XML document to extract desired value.

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Zabbix Remote Commands

How to use Remote command functionality in Zabbix and what to keep in mind. Real life scenario of pro active monitoring of Windows services, to automatically start services that were stopped for any reason. And then use escalation support to notify people, if remote command did not help.

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