Who Says You Can’t Do Great Work While Partying?

Zabbix Conference 2015 was a great event with a very busy agenda, plenty of presentations, discussions and meetings. And hard work should always be rewarded! This year was no exception, so we threw in our Zabbix official party, which all attendees were invited to join.

Just because we’re partying, however, doesn’t mean we can’t do something special.

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Highlights of Zabbix Conference 2015: Day 1

This was the 5th time we all gathered together in Riga, and we must say it was the most impressive year by far. The spirit of the Zabbix Conference 2015 still lingers in the air, as we step into a new week at the office.

On the first official day of the conference the participants gathered excited at the registration from 9am sharp, already discussing the experiences and topics revolving around Zabbix.
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