After plenty of breathless anticipation, we’re proud to announce the release of the latest major Zabbix version – the new and improved Zabbix 7.0 LTS. This release is the direct result of user feedback and delivers a variety of improvements, including cloud-native Zabbix proxy scalability, website transaction monitoring, improved data collection speed and scalability, new dashboard widgets, major network discovery speed improvements, new templates and integrations, and more!

Without further ado, let’s take a whistle-stop tour of what you need to know:

Synthetic end-user web monitoring

Busy enterprises can now monitor multiple websites and applications by defining flexible multi-step browser-based scenarios. 7.0 LTS also makes it easy to capture screenshots of the current website state, collect and visualize website performance and availability metrics, extract, monitor, and analyze web application data, and get alerts when issues are discovered.

Zabbix proxy high availability and load balancing

When it’s time to expand, Zabbix 7.0 LTS makes it easy to scale a Zabbix environment, guaranteeing 100% availability with automatic proxy load balancing and high availability features, including the ability to assign hosts to load-balanced proxy groups and seamlessly scale a Zabbix environment by deploying additional proxies.

Faster, more efficient Zabbix proxies

Zabbix proxy now fully supports in-memory data storage for collected metrics. Users can choose from Disk, Memory, and Hybrid proxy buffer modes, all of which are ideal for embedded hardware. In addition, memory mode enables the support of edge computing use cases. Users can expect 10-100x better proxy performance by switching to memory or hybrid modes, depending on allocated hardware.

Centralized control of data collection timeouts

Centralizing control of data collection timeouts enables better support for metrics and custom checks, taking longer data collection time intervals. Data collection timeouts can be defined per item-type and overridden per proxy or on an individual item level. In addition, timeouts are now fully configurable in the Zabbix GUI or via Zabbix API.

Faster and more scalable data collection

Synchronous poller processes have been replaced with asynchronous pollers, which improves the speed and scalability of metric polling, particularly for agent, SNMP, and HTTP checks. The next metric can now be polled before waiting for a response from a previously requested metric, and up to 1,000 concurrent checks can now be supported per poller process.

New ways to visualize data

A variety of new dashboard widgets have been introduced, with the goal of giving users detailed information about their monitored metrics and infrastructure at a glance.

Dynamic dashboard widget navigation

Speaking of dashboard widgets, a new communication framework has also been introduced for dashboard widgets, enabling communication between widgets, allowing a widget to serve as a data source for other widgets, and dynamically updating information displayed in a dashboard widget based on the data source.

Faster network discovery

Discovering services and hosts has never been easier, thanks to support of parallelization while performing network discovery. Concurrency support allows for massive improvements in network discovery speed and simplifies host and service discovery while scanning large network segments.

Better security via enterprise-grade multi-factor authentication

Out-of-the box support of multi-factor authentication enables enterprise-grade security and added flexibility for configuring user authentication methods. Support MFA providers include time-based one-time Password (TOTP) and Duo Universal Prompt authentication.

More flexible resource discovery and management

Low-level discovery has received a variety of improvements, which enable enhanced host configuration and management flexibility when discovering hosts in complex environments, such as VMware or Kubernetes.

New templates and integrations

In response to user demand, Zabbix 7.0 LTS comes pre-packaged with a range of new templates for the most popular vendors and cloud providers.

Zabbix 7.0 training updates

All Zabbix training materials have been updated based on the new functionalities that have been added to the product since Zabbix 6.0.

Everyone is welcome to sharpen their skills, but if you’re a Zabbix 6.0 Certified Specialist or Certified Professional you can master Zabbix 7.0 LTS in just one day with our Upgrade Courses. As a 7.0 Specialist, you’ll be able to automate user provisioning with the Just-in-time (JIT) feature, monitor websites with new synthetic end-user monitoring, leverage new visualization features, and enhance the speed and performance of your data collection.

The 7.0 Certified Professional course covers proxy group configuration with high availability and load balancing, improved proxy data collection, new SNMP bulk monitoring, and enhanced host discovery for VMware, Kubernetes, and Cloud infrastructures.

We’re also happy to organize private trainings for organizations of any size, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Upcoming 7.0 events

If you’re looking for more information regarding Zabbix 7.0, you’re in luck! You can tune in to the “What’s new in Zabbix 7.0” webinar on June 11 at 12 PM CST or June 12 at 10 AM EEST. If you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, the following workshops are also available:

• “Zabbix Proxy High-availability and Load Balancing” (June 18, 6 PM EEST)
• “New Web Monitoring Features in Zabbix 7.0” (June 20, 6 PM EEST)

While you’re at it, feel free to explore Zabbix 7.0 LTS webinars and workshops in other languages. You can also check out worldwide events related to Zabbix 7.0 LTS, including our free in-person meetup in Riga on June 19 and Zabbix Summit 2024 this fall. 

Ready to upgrade or migrate?

With a brand-new version out, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of our upgrade or migration services. Let our team take the risk out of migrating or upgrading to 7.0, giving you the latest version at a lower cost and with minimal disruption to your organization.

Need a consultation about the latest version?

Not sure about how to get the most out of Zabbix 7.0? Our expert consultants can answer any questions related to the architecture of your infrastructure, the implementation of a back-up strategy, and your capacity planning, while providing strategic advice on which 7.0 services are right for you.

Make your contribution as a translator

The Documentation 7.0 translation project is now live, which means that you can help localize Zabbix 7.0 documentation in multiple languages. Your efforts will help make Zabbix accessible to users around the globe, and you’ll also receive a reward for your contributions. The guidelines, which contain essential information about the project, are available here.

Useful links

To see what else is in store for the future, have a look at the Zabbix roadmap.

You can find the instructions and download the new version on the Download page.

Detailed, step-by-step upgrade instructions are available on our Upgrade procedure page.

Learn about new features and changes introduced in Zabbix 7.0 LTS by visiting the What’s new in Zabbix 7.0 page.

The What’s new documentation section provides a detailed description of the new features.

Take a look at the release notes to see the full list of new features and improvements.


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14 days ago

Excellent! Now can we please get a UX overhaul for 7.1? Usability is the biggest pain point we see with Zabbix. Thanks!

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