Zabbix participation at the biggest network computing event in Japan – Interop Tokyo 2016 – was a great success. Around 4 000 people visited our booth with more than a half of them actively participating in filling-out Zabbix questionnaires and forms.

Let’s have a look at the snapshots of the moments our team shared at this expo.

First of all, we are proud that Zabbix Enterprise Appliance ZS-5300 for Japanese market was nominated as the finalist for the Interop 2016 Best of Show Award. It was possible to evaluate the appliance and see how it works, hands-on at the Zabbix booth.

Can you see all the small white boxes around? These are all sorts of sensors reporting to Zabbix!

Another impressive fact is that the whole infrastructure of Interop, representing around 800 servers and network devices, was monitored by this 1U Zabbix Dell server.

Check out the power of Zabbix with the real-time data collection and analysis of sensors reporting temperature, humidity and pressure.

Congratulations to Zabbix on receiving Semi-Grand Prize in Interop 2016 Best of Show “People’s Choice” Award for having a great number of Twitter retweets with hashtags #interop16 and the company’s name during the event!

Alexei Vladishev, Zabbix founder and CEO, and Kodai Terashima, CEO of Zabbix Japan LLC, delivered multiple seminars about the latest features of Zabbix, Zabbix services and case studies of large-scale monitoring projects with Zabbix.

We hope you enjoyed our souvenirs prepared by Zabbix marketing team!

We were in a good company at Interop Tokyo 2016. We are extending a huge appreciation to our honored partners for sharing this event with us! Thank you.

Looking forward to see you all next year at Interop 2017!