We are always curious to know where and how our software is used. Then add a natural desire for perpetual competition. Now you should understand why about 2 months ago we had asked all our newsletter readers to report us their Zabbix dashboard indicators.

We didn’t expect that so many of you will notice that small ad at the bottom of Christmas Eve’s newsletter inviting to take part in the competition 🙂 And so we were pleasantly surprised to receive so many replies.

We had 3 main categories in Zabbix Championship: number of Hosts, number of Triggers, and number of New Values per Second. Choosing the winners was simple: we collected all the responses, sorted by the highest results and … voilà:

Title King of the Hosts goes to TCS with 3637 hosts carefully monitored by Zabbix.

Title Master of the Triggers goes to TCS, as well, with 63471 triggers in use (maybe because hosts are connected to triggers :)).

Title Lord of New Values Per Second goes to company Conf***, Inc., with the result of 919.85 new values.

This time we don’t have second or third places, everyone is a winner here.

We did promise no prizes. But then it turned out to be a real competition, so we thought special Zabbix medals is the least we can do. These trophies will be mailed to our champions this week, so we expect to receive some photos in the nearest future 🙂

Thank you all who participated in this Zabbix Championship. We hope that this is not the last competition of this kind and we will see even more applications next time!

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11 years ago

Oh too late ! 1147,76 new values per sec here 😉 It will be for the next year !

11 years ago
Reply to  Kioob

Could you provide server configuration for such big rate?

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