If you have visited Zabbix webpage recently, you already know that Zabbix conference and 10 year anniversary celebration dates have been confirmed. A shiny banner would have informed you about them.

UPDATE: conference postponed.

Update: Zabbix conference has been postponed to autumn 2011 – see update blog post for more details.

So the dates have been set, and hopefully that will help to plan for travel and accommodations. There will be some information available also on “things to do” near the conference location, so one might want to plan additional time before or after those dates.

What about conference schedule? There are no confirmed talks yet – if you would like to give one, please send in information about that at [email protected] Got any interesting deployments? Problems and solutions for large environments? Integrating Zabbix with sensors, configuration management systems or notification handling? Let us know what you would like to tell other Zabbix users. While we can’t promise a slot to everybody, all applications will be carefully evaluated.

Currently two formats are being considered – 10 minute lightning talks and 50 minute “long” talks – you are also welcome to comment on these choices. Maybe you would like to lead a workshop on a hands-on topic? Everything’s possible!

Forum thread might be a good place to discuss this event.