While there are people who have been very active in the Zabbix community, it might not be so easy to start participating, especially if you are not frequenting IRC, which is the main Zabbix community hub. Hopefully the Zabbix community platform – Zabbix.org – can help here.

Zabbix.org is not that new

As some might have noticed, Zabbix.org has been around for quite some time actually. It has slowly gained functionality, but was not advertised much – mostly because all the useful tools there were disconnected and one needed separate account for each of them. Not anymore – now a single account on Zabbix.org will provide access to all current resources. Large part of the investigative work to make that happen was done by a Zabbix team member – thanks, Kodai!

Available resources

There are several useful things on Zabbix.org already – let’s quickly review those.

Mediawiki instance

The first page on Zabbix.org will open a Mediawiki instance. This is the suggested place to put up all kinds of community documentation. A few useful resources include RPM rebuilding guide, high availability HOWTO and bug reporting guidelines. Got something nice to document? Just register and go ahead! Oh, right, about the registering – Mediawiki is the one where you do register, and then use the same username and password everywhere else.

Pootle for translating Zabbix

Zabbix frontend is translated in many languages, and a Pootle instance on Zabbix.org is the main place where this happens. Pootle is a web based translation management system, which makes it easy to do small or large contributions – just log in using the username and password you registered with on Mediawiki and ask for permissions to submit translations for your language. You can ask for that on IRC, or use the contact form.

Zabbix demo installation

There’s also a Zabbix demo installation. This is a Zabbix trunk (bleeding edge development) version, so it shows all the latest features (but might have some issues every now and then). Only monitoring access is available at this time. This is a tiny installation, but it has some nice example like monitoring the amount of users in the IRC channel or monitoring translation progress over time.

Community SVN

There’s also a community SVN. If you have some Zabbix related code you would like to share on Zabbix.org, let us know on IRC, or use the contact form. There’s not much right now, although some ideas could be gained from a script that was used to create the translation screen.

Future plans

There’s a lot of things that could be done on the Zabbix.org system – whether it is a template repository or Zabbix image gallery, we’re open to all kinds of ideas. Want to participate? That would be awesome.

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Brian Carpio
11 years ago

Why did you guys decide on SVN when Git specifically github.com is making it so easy for people “code socially”?

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