Zabbix offers professional services that can be booked directly with the Zabbix team, so that you can receive assistance at any stage of your Zabbix journey.


I. Zabbix journey (0:22)
II. Zabbix professional services (4:12)

  1. Technical support (4:34)
  2. Training (7:03)
  3. Turnkey solutions (9:01)
  4. Consultancy (9:43)

III. Conclusion (10:30)
IV. Questions & Answers (11:03)

Zabbix journey

The Zabbix project started in 1998, and the actual company was established in 2005 with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Over the years we have expanded quite significantly and now we have offices in different corners of the world, such as Tokyo, New York, Moscow, and Porto Alegre in Brazil, which was added to the Zabbix universe in 2020.

Zabbix offices

Over the past 10 years we have reached 50% year-on-year growth, and we are trying to improve even further on a day-to-day basis.

Currently Zabbix is a team of more than 80 professionals — developers, QA specialists, technical support engineers, certified trainers, sales, partner and marketing managers, and many more. We are all working together as one big team making sure that Zabbix is the best monitoring tool in the market.

Why monitor?

We all know how important monitoring can be. According to Gartner, 98 percent of all companies have confirmed that they have experienced downtime. The average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute, which is quite a lot. Modern businesses cannot afford for it to happen and want to react to disasters quicker and be more proactive.

That is where Zabbix comes in to help you minimize risks, save money, and make sure that your services are continuously up and running.

Competitive advantage

How does Zabbix stand out from the competition?

  • We are fully open source (GPLv2), so you will need zero investment (TCO) to start using Zabbix. We don’t hide features behind corporate or enterprise versions, and everything available in the tool is available for free.
  • Zabbix is easily scalable and customizable, so customers can integrate it with various systems and get a comfortable single-pane-of-glass view of their infrastructure.
  • Finally, Zabbix as a software tool is backed by a wide range of professional services, be it Zabbix deployment, support, troubleshooting, training, upgrade and so on.

Zabbix is widely used by global brands, including companies from the Fortune 500 List.

We always encourage our customers to leave their feedback using our community resources and channels, as we value their opinion and always use it as a way to improve.

Zabbix partner network

We are partners with more than 160 IT companies worldwide.

Zabbix partner network

Our partner program was designed to advertise Zabbix services locally. Our partners can expand their portfolio, receive margin for selling Zabbix services and discounts for internal use.

We have introduced several partner tiers, so you can choose the one that fits your business model best of all. You can be a Reseller and sell Zabbix services or become a Certified Partner and actually provide those services to your clients. A distinctive status — Zabbix Premium Partner — is assigned to partners that have met a special benchmark in our cooperation.

NOTE. If you would like to join our partner program, feel free to contact our team.

Zabbix professional services

So how exactly can Zabbix help you? Our professional services team can guide you through every stage of your Zabbix journey, from deployment and configuration to troubleshooting and technical support, including training courses for your staff, to make sure that your business can respond to your monitoring needs.

Zabbix professional services

Technical support

Technical support is our most popular service, and its high demand can be explained by a wide range of benefits it offers.

With your individual login to the Zabbix support system you can open tickets at any time within your support level and receive hands-on assistance directly from the Zabbix engineers. We also provide a guaranteed response time, meaning you can always rely on us.

Currently we have five technical support levels available. You can choose any level based on how critical your monitored workloads are.

Zabbix partner tiers

For instance, support can be available during business hours only or it can be 24/7, so that you can open tickets at any time, including holidays and weekends.

An important thing here is that we offer a simple and transparent pricing model per Zabbix server and proxy, but the number of devices you can monitor always stays unlimited. It doesn’t matter how many switches, routers or servers you monitor – all devices are already covered, as the price depends solely on the number of Zabbix servers and proxies in your infrastructure.

More and more customers realize a great value of our Enterprise tier, as it covers an unlimited number of Zabbix servers and proxies. For example, one of our client’s infrastructure grew to over 2,000 proxies, which was still covered by one Enterprise contract. The Global 1 tier is ideal for big international corporations with multiple branch offices that would like to benefit from our support services. Overall, if you already have a large Zabbix infrastructure and are planning to expand even more, these two support tiers are a perfect solution.

NOTE. For more details on any particular tier or for an actual quote from Zabbix, feel free to contact the Zabbix sales team and we will be happy to help you.


Currently our training courses are delivered online, and you can attend them from the comfort of your own home or office. We offer two training options:

  • public training where various companies are present; or
  • private sessions just for your team.

Core training courses

There are four certification levels available:

Certification training courses

  • You can start with Zabbix Certified User — a one-day overview of the system — an ideal way to get familiar with the Zabbix Frontend, its menu and main features;
  • Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix Certified Professional courses are more technically advanced and cover the actual process of the software installation and configuration, including the use of Zabbix in distributed environments. These courses may be beneficial, if you are dealing with Zabbix on a daily basis and are tasked with the deployment of the product.
  • Zabbix Certified Expert is a course for those striving for a real challenge. This training is designed for experienced Zabbix professionals and teaches you how to build highly efficient and loaded setups with Zabbix.

Extra training courses

Recently we have enriched our training program with four one-day extra courses. Technically, each one of them represents a deep dive into a specific topic.

Extra training courses

NOTE. For a schedule of Zabbix certification and extra courses, please visit our website, select the course you need, and book a date that suits you. Our sales team will get back to you and provide all the necessary details.

Turn-Key solutions

If you need our help with the actual installation and configuration of Zabbix, for instance, after you complete your POC, we encourage you to take a look at out Turn-Key Solution service. It covers the Zabbix deployment from scratch, as well as migration from a legacy tool. This service has a fixed daily rate of €1,250/$1,500, but the total cost is calculated based on the complexity and size of your environment, as well as any additional requirements you might have, such as specific templates, integrations with third-party tools or an HA setup.


If you already have Zabbix up and running, but you need professional advice from our engineers, our consulting services are a really good option.

We offer professional assistance on any Zabbix-related topic, including Q&A sessions with the Zabbix engineers, performance tuning, environment review, or discussions about our best practices – everything to keep your Zabbix installation healthy.

Consulting services are available as packages of 10, 20, 40, 80 or more hours. The minimum purchase is 10 hours.

NOTE. If you need an official quote for this service, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Should you choose our professional services, the benefits you receive are:

  • A perfectly tuned and deployed Zabbix system and our best practices;
  • Strategic advice directly from the Zabbix engineers;
  • Full and thorough explanation of the problem and its resolution; and
  • Full documentation package, so you can have it at hand and get back to it when you need to.

Questions & Answers

Question. So, you assert that technical support is the most requested professional service?

Answer. That is correct. We see more and more clients requesting a quote for technical support or some additional details to compare different technical support levels. This service gives our customers peace of mind, as they can always contact our engineers and receive the necessary assistance and guidance. Our clients can choose support during business days and business hours within their time zone in Silver and Gold levels, or 24/7 technical support starting from the Platinum level.

Question. If a customer decides to buy 10 hours of consulting services to fix a certain performance problem, but it takes, for instance, five hours, what happens to the remaining five hours?

Answer. These hours don’t expire or get lost. If a customer purchases a certain number of hours and we only use some of them to fix a specific issue (that has been discussed and agreed on), the remaining hours are still assigned to the client’s account and сan be used later for any other tasks, such as troubleshooting, tuning, environment review, additional template creation etc. 


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