First week of October this year ended with a very special event – the Zabbix Summit, taking place in a Zabbix hometown, Riga, Latvia.

Being an 8th conference in Riga in a row, the Zabbix Summit gathered a record number of participants – 350 IT professionals from more than 40 countries. And we all had a lot of things to talk about – to discuss, to teach and to learn from each other, sharing Zabbix expertise and monitoring challenges.

The first topic brought up at the Summit was a freshly-released 4.0 LTS version. Alexei Vladishev, CEO and creator of Zabbix, presented a detailed overview of the new functionality including numerous examples of its practical use.

By the way, the Summit visitors had a unique lucky chance to get Zabbix 4.0 certified without a training course. Congratulations, dear 4.0 pioneers, you are fully armed to rock the monitoring!

It was a two-day agenda full of insights and new ideas with a practical workshop block in the beginning of Day 2. Speakers were presenting their experience-based ideas on how to optimize, integrate and visualize Zabbix, sharing their own tips&tricks. The Zabbix Team had their moment to shine by revealing the best ways to reach performance efficiency, getting the most out of Zabbix UI and deploying Zabbix in the cloud.

But let’s stop spoiling, all speeches will be available soon on Zabbix Youtube channel – so you will explore them yourselves! In the meantime, feel free to view the slides of each talk available on our agenda page.

And now let’s recall the best moments from the Zabbix Summit in this overview video:

In addition, we have to say that all your comments and feedback got heard. It means that the next Summit will be even more perfect!

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