The Zabbix training program has always been highly appreciated by the community members. It gives a deeper and wider look to Zabbix software and the uncompromised hands-on experience guided by Zabbix master trainers. In May 2020 Zabbix 5.0 was released together with the updated training program. We reconsidered the content of every training course, made them available online and added one-day field-specific extra training courses. Let’s review all changes we have made one by one.

Longer Courses = Deeper Knowledge

The biggest challenge we faced before was a necessity to deliver a big amount of knowledge in a short period. From now Zabbix Certified Specialist (ZCS), Zabbix Certified Professional (ZCP), and Zabbix Certified Expert (ZCE) courses become longer, which makes it possible to pay attention to every important detail.
Zabbix Certified Specialist course is now 5 days long;
Zabbix Certified Professional – 3 days long;
Zabbix Certified Expert – 5 days long.
Please explore the detailed program for every training level here.

The pre-requirements for the courses left the same. There are no specific requirements for the Zabbix Certified User (ZCU) course, this level stays not mandatory as well. The ZCS course requires advanced computer literacy and may be chosen as the first step in the multilevel Zabbix training program. Therefore, ZCP and ZCE courses ask for successfully passed previous levels. Since the courses become longer, the price was also a bit increased. However, it is possible to purchase ZCS+ZCP bundle with a discount, which is a very good deal for those IT professionals who want to learn all Zabbix functionality during the one complete session.

Extra Courses = Extra Knowledge

In addition to the main training program now we deliver one-day one-topic courses. There are no pre-requirements or specific conditions – it is possible to attend one or several Extra courses, whether you are already Zabbix Certified or not. All Extra courses are practical one-day training and have the same price. There is no exam after the course, but every attendee gets an official Zabbix certificate. What’s important, the Extra course may be purchased in a bundle with the major courses with a good discount.
Available Extra training courses:
• Zabbix API
• Zabbix Pre-processing
• Zabbix Automation & Discovery
• Zabbix Visualize IT!
• Zabbix Performance Optimization
• Zabbix SNMP, SNMP traps, IPMI

Please note that the first extra sessions are scheduled at the end of the summer. We will publish a detailed overview of every course a bit later.

Update Options

If you are already Zabbix Certified and would like to upgrade your knowledge, now there are two ways to do it. The first option is designed for Zabbix 4.0 Certified Specialists and Professionals and makes it possible to adopt all the 5.0 functionality during the one-day update courses (1 day for ZCS and 1 day for ZCP). The other option is designed for all Certified Specialists and Professionals and provides an opportunity to listen to the full updated training program with a discount. Both update training options are also available in a bundle at a good price.

Zabbix Training Goes Online

At the moment there are three ways on how to learn Zabbix and get certified: during the scheduled training session in a classroom, on-site in your company’s premises, and from now – virtually. We’ve been asked for a long time to make the training available remotely, so here it is – a well-thought-out virtual program which makes it possible both to deliver hands-on knowledge and to pay attention to every student.
• Live, trainer-led training conducted over the internet
• Groups are limited up to 5 students to keep the quality standard
• Available for different time-zone & different languages
• Delivered by Zabbix and Zabbix Training partners

Get Certificate and Gifts

Here in Zabbix we highly appreciate your thirst for knowledge. Starting from now on there will be more special gifts for our trainees.
All ZCS course attendees will get a Zabbix polo shirt as a welcome-to-the-community gift. In the case of the successfully passed ZCS exam, there will be also a special pin to wear it together with the new polo or any other shirts or jackets. If you will successfully pass the ZCP exam, you will also receive a confirmative pin as well as the Zabbix thermo mug suitable both for hot and cold drinks. And, finally, if you will successfully pass the ZCE exam, together with the Expert you will receive the Zabbix backpack which will bear your company in work and travel.

Zabbix keeps developing, and we want you to be aware of all the functionality Zabbix monitoring solution can provide. Zabbix Training is the easiest and fastest way for everyone to take the expertise to a new higher level and start using the software professionally.
Feel free to explore the training schedule and a detailed overview of every training course. Do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions. We will be happy to help!

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