Keeping the promise was never so sweet before!

We are very glad to announce to all of you that Zabbix 2.0 is out now and ready for you to download! While you are upgrading your systems, take your time to read a story about the Zabbix 2.0 release.

In the past Alexei said several times that if Zabbix 2.0 doesn’t come out on the set date, then he will eat his hat.


  • Early 2010: “Zabbix 2.0 will be released in September 2010, otherwise I’ll eat my hat”
  • September 2010: “Zabbix 2.0 will be released in May 2011, otherwise I’ll eat my hat”
  • May 2011: “Zabbix 2.0 will be released in August 2011, otherwise I’ll eat my hat”
  • August 2011: “No comments, sorry…”

Well… quite a few hats should be eaten already by now…

But this time everything is different! Alexei said it would be out in May 2012 and it was true! And who would miss such a good reason to celebrate! As we were aware that Zabbix 2.0 was ready for release, our team decided that Alexei must fulfill his promise and must eat a hat. But this time a really tasty one!

Check out pictures of Zabbix 2.0 pre-release party!

Getting ready for a party!
Everybody getting ready for a party!
Linux penguin has joined the party, too!
Jelena, Head of Zabbix Sales, is the happiest person. Half of the questions lately were about release date for Zabbix 2.0
Lighting up the candles!
Alexei wasn’t actually aware of preparations.The man with a camera – national TV channel LTV1 filming a broadcast about success of Zabbix.
It took some time to persuade Alexei to have a first bite
Finally eating that hat!
That was a funny thing to watch. Or was it funny to look at those spectators?
Sharing the hat with other Zabbixers
It was one tasty hatcake!
Time to get back to work
Arriving late for a party!