Last weekend Zabbix team went to one of the animal welfare charities who are looking after abandoned dogs and cats, PatversmeLv in Riga, Latvia. The charity is accepting any help from people, so we decided to give it a maximum.

Our day began with choosing the right animal food and it was quite hard to be honest, because we wanted to bring as much as possible, but also wanted it to be tasty for them. After an hour of choosing we finally got what we wanted and went to the charity shelter.

It was a very warm and sunny day; a great day to help our smaller friends and our team had an opportunity to do so in various ways. Girls were tidying-up the animal shelter and guys were helping workers to clean up the territory. After a few hours of hard work we had a surprise waiting, which the charity workers had prepared for us. All of us had a chance to walk the dog out in the forest.

Each of us was assigned one dog, and we were told all the necessary health and safety information, after that – off we go to walk the dogs. I cannot even describe in words the happiness and joy we all got after walking those little buddies, though it wouldn’t be very accurate to call them little 🙂 Afterwards, it was hard to leave, but we promised to come back.

It was a day filled with positive emotions, which only animals or children can give. All of us went home with hope that someday all those animals will find their own home and live a happy live.

Check out our pictures from this happy day.

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Aidan Venn
Aidan Venn
12 years ago

Excellent!! Fantastic ethos!! I might name my next cat Zabbix ?

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