From the very beginning, Zabbix has been fortunate to have a large, diverse, and truly global community. Engaging with them is the key to getting the most out of Zabbix, and to that end, we introduced Zabbix Meetings in late 2022.

Zabbix Meetings are global get-togethers in locations from Stockholm to Shanghai to Sao Paulo and all points in between. They were created to serve as the first step on the journey to working with Zabbix and getting to know us better, giving Zabbix beginners a chance to learn about our capabilities directly from our team and our partners.

They’re also an opportunity for more experienced Zabbix users to learn from others, share their knowledge, and stay up to date on the latest developments in the Zabbix ecosystem – all in one event.

Whether you’re new to Zabbix or an experienced professional, we’re confident that attending a Zabbix Meeting will help you solve problems, exchange ideas, and grow your Zabbix expertise. Accordingly, here are 4 key benefits you can expect from showing up at a Zabbix Meeting near you.

Meet and build relationships with IT and monitoring professionals

Businesses are built on relationships, and ours is no exception. We still believe that there’s no substitute for meeting in person when it comes to building a strong culture, developing rapport with our users and partners, and connecting on a deeper level.

Attending Zabbix Meetings and getting to know our team is a great way to build trust and put some faces to names, which will allow you to know who exactly on our team you can reach out to when you’re shopping around for the best deals on support packages, when you need assistance, or when you want to collaborate on a cool new feature or project that can be a game-changer for your business.

Hear use cases that apply to your own organization

If you’re thinking about adopting Zabbix or expanding your existing Zabbix setup, it can be invaluable to learn how other companies similar to yours have tried and succeeded with it. Our use cases come from actual satisfied Zabbix users and highlight the effectiveness of a specific feature or benefit, while sharing notable results.

They’re also ideal for providing best practices that you can apply to your own industry. We can just about guarantee that no matter what you’re trying to do with Zabbix, a similar organization has already succeeded at it and would be glad to show you how they pulled it off. What’s more, seeing Zabbix-related use cases presented can also help you sell the benefits of Zabbix to stakeholders in your organization, gain buy-in, and present the implementation process.

Get direct, real-time answers to your questions

Taking part in a Zabbix Meeting is an excellent way to grow your professional network and make new business connections – we’ve created them to be the perfect place to meet a variety of like-minded industry professionals. That said, simply attending a Zabbix Meeting isn’t a recipe for success – if you’re not asking questions, you’re definitely not getting the full experience.

Asking good questions at Zabbix Meetings can help you gain valuable information and make the most of your time and the opportunity. The presentations and use cases that are the backbone of any Zabbix Meeting are detailed, in-depth, and full of technical details, so we always offer an extended Q&A session at the end of each one to make sure you walk away from the Meeting with a full understanding of all the information presented.

Learn more about what Zabbix can do for you

If you’re signing up to attend a Zabbix Meeting near you, there’s a good chance that you already know a fair amount about Zabbix and what we do. There are plenty of ways to find out the basics, including visiting our website, checking out our latest blog posts, or having a look at our famous forums.

No matter how much time you spend reading up on us, however, some information is bound to slip through the cracks. You might know about our technical support offers, but there’s no substitute for chatting with one of our support engineers about how you use Zabbix and hearing their opinion about what type of support plan best suits your specific needs.

You might also know that we offer training sessions, but that’s not the same as hearing from one of our certified trainers exactly how a Zabbix Certified training session has upskilled employees at a company just like yours and helped them save money, reduce downtime, and do things with Zabbix that they never imagined possible.


There’s simply no substitute for a Zabbix Meeting when it comes to learning more about what we can do for you. Have a look at our Events page to see when we’ll be in a location near you and be sure to sign up – we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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