Configure Zabbix agent autoregistration to automatically deploy and start monitoring Zabbix agent hosts.

As your IT infrastructure scales up, there comes a point where manual host creation is simply not feasible. At this point, the preferable approach is to find a way to automate host deployment.

Deploy and manage hosts automatically with Zabbix active agent autoregistration:

  • Automatically deploy and start monitoring hosts
  • Assign different templates depending on hostname and host metadata
  • Receive notifications whenever a new host is deployed
  • Automatically make changes or perform offboarding of hosts

Check out the video to learn how to configure Zabbix agent autoregistration.

How to configure Zabbix agent autoregistration:


  1. Navigate to Configuration → Actions → Autoregistration actions
  2. Click the Create action button
  3. Define action conditions
  4. Navigate to the Operations tab and define the action operations
  5. Connect to your host and open the Zabbix agent configuration file
  6. Populate the Hostname, HostMetadata and HostInterface fields
  7. Restart the Zabbix agent
  8. Navigate to Configuration → Hosts and make sure that the host has been created
  9. Navigate to Monitoring → Latest Data and make sure that the host is receiving metrics
Tips and best practices:
  • Host name and host metadata values are case-sensitive
  • Agent restart is required to apply host name and host metadata changes
  • HostnameItem can be used to populate the host name with a Zabbix agent item value
  • HostMetadataItem can be used to populate the host metadata with a Zabbix agent item value
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