Distribute your monitoring by deploying a lightweight Zabbix SQLite proxy in 5 minutes.

Monitoring remote data centers can be challenging when the data collection is performed from a single location. Distributed monitoring can help us resolve potential issues such as loss of data in case of network outages, horizontal scalability, and much more.

Distribute and scale your monitoring with a lightweight Zabbix SQLite proxy:

  • Collect data in case of network outages between data centers
  • Deploy an unlimited number of Zabbix proxies
  • SQLite proxies are perfect for running on embedded hardware
  • Proxy connections can be encrypted

Check out the video to learn how to deploy a Zabbix SQLite proxy.

How to deploy a Zabbix SQLite proxy:

  1. Install the Zabbix repository and Zabbix proxy packages
  2. Locate and open the zabbix_proxy.conf configuration file
  3. Populate the Server, Hostname, and DBName parameters
  4. Enable and start the Zabbix proxy
  5. Open Administration Proxies and click the Create Proxy button
  6. Provide the proxy name and click the Add button
  7. Open the Zabbix agent configuration file
  8. Populate the Server and/or ServerActive parameters
  9. Restart the Zabbix agent
  10. Navigate to Configuration Hosts and open your host
  11. Select the proxy in the Monitored by proxy field and click the Update button
  12. Wait for the proxy to receive the configuration changes
  13. Navigate to Monitoring Latest data
  14. Check if the Zabbix proxy has collected the metrics 
Tips and best practices:
  • By default, Zabbix proxies receive configuration updates once an hour
  • Each Zabbix Proxy can use a different database engine
  • Monitor the proxy performance with the Zabbix proxy templates
  • Zabbix proxies will perform preprocessing tasks before sending the data to the Zabbix server
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