The year 2021 is coming to the end and what a year it has been for Zabbix! Thank you for spending this year with us – installing new versions of Zabbix, solving monitoring tasks on the forum and community groups, reading our blog posts and watching videos, attending our events, and much more.

Let’s look back at some of the Zabbix Highlights of the year.

Great Minds Think Alike

Thanks to our community and partners’ support, we have organized about 50 online meetups and meetings in English, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Polish this year. The recordings of the presentations are always available on our events page.

Offline events also took place – Zabbix Conferences have been held in China and Japan – both events were available to attend online and in person.

We organized and held Zabbix Summit Online 2021, which had been visited by thousands of attendees from 130+ countries.

The Ongoing Development

Our integrations team has released 35 new integrations and monitoring templates during the year and is currently developing new in-demand solutions.

Our main page received a few extra tweaks with a new menu bar which makes it easier to navigate between the website sections. Plus, we have completely redesigned and updated the features page, providing a more in-depth overview of Zabbix monitoring solution capabilities.

We released Zabbix 5.4 version that came with scheduled PDF report generation, robust problem detection, advanced data aggregation, and other significant improvements demanded by Zabbix users.

We’ve been working hard on the new Zabbix 6.0 LTS version, developing the most required features. By the beginning of the new year, we’ll be ready to celebrate this long-awaited release together with you.

Knowledge is Power

We’ve been working on the Zabbix Series and have recorded a number of helpful educational videos. Be sure to check out the entire playlist.

We launched the one-day intensive training courses that allow Zabbix users to learn in-depth one specific monitoring topic at a time.

We’ve started a new weekly tradition of sharing the Handy Tips with you – the detailed how-tos where we briefly explain all the nuances of monitoring with Zabbix. Remember that all the handy tips are available in Zabbix Blog.

Finally, we have reached a meaningful internal milestone. In 2021, Zabbix international team has passed the 100-employee mark and continues to grow, becoming more powerful.

Setting the Course for New Achievements

Well, this year is over, and there’s a new one ahead – full of big plans and inspiring intentions. However, we’ll have time to talk about new goals later, but for now, have fun with the holidays! We wish you to enjoy the magic of this festive period and get charged with joy for the whole coming year!

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