Automate host creation and monitoring with Zabbix network discovery.

Creating hosts for a large number of monitoring endpoints can become a menial and time-consuming task. It is important to provide the end-users with the tools to automate such tasks to create and start monitoring hosts based on a user-defined set of rules and conditions.

Automate host onboarding and offboarding with Zabbix network discovery:

  • Discover monitoring endpoints and services in user defined IP ranges
  • Define a set of services that should be discovered
  • Provide custom workflows based on the received values
  • Onboard or offboard hosts based on the discovery status

Check out the video to learn how to discover your monitoring endpoints with Zabbix network discovery.

How to configure Zabbix network discovery:

  1. Navigate to ConfigurationDiscovery
  2. Press the Create discovery rule button service button
  3. Provide the discovery rule name, IP range and update interval
  4. Define discovery checks
  5. Press the Add button
  6. Navigate to ​​​​​​​ConfigurationActionsDiscovery actions
  7. Press the Create action button
  8. Provide the action name and action conditions
  9. Navigate to the Operations tab
  10. Define operations to assign templates and host groups
  11. Press the Add button
  12. Wait for the services to be discovered
  13. Navigate to MonitoringDiscovery and confirm the discovery status
  14. Confirm that the hosts have been created in Zabbix
Tips and best practices
  • A single discovery rule will always be processed by a single Discoverer process
  • Every check of a service and a host generates one of the following events: Host or service – Discovered/Up/Lost/Down
  • The hosts discovered by different proxies are always treated as different hosts
  • A host is also added, even if the Add host operation is missing, if you select operations resulting in actions on a host, such as enable/disable/add to host group/link template
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