Create clean multipage dashboards, run them as slideshows, share dashboards with specific users, and stay in control of your monitoring data.

Previously, Zabbix had two different functionalities – Screens and Dashboards. With Zabbix 5.4 Screens have been completely replaced by Dashboards.

In Zabbix 5.4, Dashboards support multiple new functionalities:

  • No need to switch between screens and dashboards – now everything is in the same place
  • Dashboards now support multiple pages and slideshows
  • All template-level screens have been converted to template dashboards

Check out the video to learn how to create a multipage Dashboard

How to configure a multi-page dashboard:

  1. Open a dashboard and press the Edit dashboard button
  2. Click on the arrow next to the Add button and select Add page
  3. Enter a name for the new page, for example, MySQL servers  
  4. Click on an empty space to add a widget
  5. Select the first Dashboard page
  6. Press the three dots in any widget’s corner, then select Copy
  7. Select the second Dashboard page
  8. Click on an empty space and select Paste widget
  9. Press the three dots next to the page name and select Properties.
  10. Enter a new page name and press Apply
  11. Open the page properties menu and set the Page display period
  12. Press the gear icon in the top right corner 
  13. Set the Default page display period
  14. Press Apply and the slideshow should start automatically
  15. Use the Stop slideshow button to stop a slideshow
Tips and best practices:
  • You can run a slideshow if a Dashboard contains two or more pages
  • It is possible to copy a whole Dashboard page
  • Template level dashboards are generated for a host, once the template is linked to the host
  • Host dashboard widgets can be copied to other host dashboards of the same template
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Ivan Haspra
Ivan Haspra
2 years ago

great tip, thank you!

2 years ago

Hi Marina,

We’re Utilizing Zabbix as a POC Tool To Monitor Our Internal Resources in our Data Centres That Includes Compute Server(HPE iLO, Dell iDRAC, Cisco CIMC & Super Micro IPMI), Cisco 9K,5K & 2K Series Switches, Firtigate Firewalls etc and All the OS Running in the Servers As Well. But We’ve a Doubt Related Zabbix Dashboard where I’ve Created Multiple Pages and When a Scheduled Report is Created for the Dash Board Only The First Page in the Dashboard is Received as PDF over Mail. Is there a Any Workaround to Get that Fixed.

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