Zabbix is already translated in quite a lot of languages, but there could always be more, and the available ones could have better coverage. There are several ways how translators’ work can be made easier, and one step is the introduction of string freeze, starting with Zabbix 2.0.3.


Previously, it was a bit of a hit-and-miss game. If a translator finished their translation just moments before Zabbix release, most likely that release would have the finished translation. But if they finished the translation and release happened 3 days later, there could have been all kinds of string changes that would introduce untranslated text.

Starting with the upcoming 2.0.3 release a string freeze step will be introduced. Currently it will be 3 days, which might not sound like a lot – but that’s the first step to see what kind of an effect it has. Thus a 3 day advance warning will be given before the first release candidate. During these 3 days no string changes will be done, which will allow translators to get as many translated strings in a release as possible.

If you are a translator, what’s the best way to find out? As usual, hanging around Zabbix IRC channel will provide you all the latest news, but in this case it is also advisable to subscribe to the Zabbix translator mailing list.

Now let’s get to freezing those strings… er, translating Zabbix.