83 in total of enthusiastic, smart and savvy nerds were fighting hard to get the first place in Zabbix Facebook quiz “Zabbix Nerd Spring 2012”. 6 sets of questions and 23 answer options have been evaluated, studied and passed, and finally on the 7th of July, 2012, Zabbix followers on Facebook, all quiz participants and our true fans have found out the two lucky winners of “Zabbix Nerd” quiz. And here they are – the nerds of the nerds, the golden winners and fortunate leaders of “Zabbix Nerd Spring 2012”:
Todd Blake and Michael Mennicken

Zabbix Nerd certificate of Todd Blake & Michael Mennicken
Both honored winners are awarded with the “Zabbix Nerd Spring 2012” Certificate, as well as with a complimentary gift – 500-piece puzzle! The puzzle is made of Zabbix team picture, winner’s certificate illustration, congratulation words and spring background designed in tiny small pieces, which will not be an easy job to put together. What could be more suitable for Zabbix loyal fans and challenge lovers, right? We really hope that Todd and Michael will enjoy the experience of putting the puzzle together, as we believe that only the true nerds and true fans of Zabbix are capable of finishing it! 🙂
Complimentary prizes for our honored winners
We would like to take a chance and thank all quiz participants once again for your activity, loyalty, great knowledge of Zabbix monitoring solution and of course for your great sense of humor, which is priceless within Facebook Environment! Stay tuned and follow our latest news on Zabbix Facebook channel, as more interesting and challenging stuff is coming soon!
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Stefan Krüger
Stefan Krüger
11 years ago

why only Facebook?? Why not Google+ ?!

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