Now, at the end of the year, when it’s time to sum up the results, we want to step back and recap the things done, to celebrate the achievements, and thank everyone who shared 2019 with Zabbix.

We are constantly working on making Zabbix better: by developing the monitoring solution and related professional services, by holding educational events and training sessions, by organizing conferences and making a contribution to the global open source community.

During the year 2019 Zabbix team had dedicated Zabbix conferences all over the world and met thousands of Zabbix users. The conferences were held in Brazil, China, Japan and for the very first time in Russia and Benelux (Netherlands). The 9th annual Zabbix Summit was held in Riga and welcomed almost 500 visitors from 46 countries. During the Summit we have literally opened our office doors and invited the event attendees to be our guests. For the first time, Zabbix Summit had a live stream on our YouTube Channel that covered it all – Alexei Vladishev’s keynote, speaker presentations and even had additional live reports and interviews during coffee breaks.

2019 will be also known in Zabbix history as the year when we opened our office in Russia. The office opening was amazing – we held a mini-conference and learned a lot of inspiring use cases presented by Zabbix users and customers from Russia. Now Zabbix has its offices in Latvia, USA, Japan and Russia.

Zabbix as a product has also been developed and evolved. Zabbix Dev Team released two major versions during the year: Zabbix 4.2 and Zabbix 4.4.
Zabbix 4.2 introduced built-in support of Prometheus data collection, preprocessing data with JavaScript, and efficient high-frequency monitoring using throttling. Zabbix 4.4 came with the next generation Zabbix agent written in Go language, one-click cloud deployments, and official support of TimescaleDB. We had announced the official guidelines on how to build awesome templates and got positive feedback from you guys.

Zabbix team grows. This year Zabbix has created a dedicated team of skilled engineers that have the sole goal of creating great monitoring templates and integrations with 3rd party services. There are already several integrations that are included with the latest Zabbix 4.4 with many more planned for the year 2020.

This year we extended our professional services offer with new support tier for global enterprises – Global I. The new tier literally covers everything the company may ask from Zabbix – it’s not only the most cost-efficient offer, but it also brings freedom – managers can redistribute the services included in the package between the different members of the group taking into account the needs of every company.

Zabbix Partnership network got also extended during the year – more than 30 companies from 20 countries became the official Zabbix representatives.

Zabbix Team took part in tens of events all around the globe – in conferences, fairs, forums and public meetings. We supported Zabbix enthusiasts organizing local user meetups and sharing their knowledge and experience.

Over the past year Zabbix trainers issued 1728 diplomas for trainees who have successfully finished Zabbix Certified Specialist, Professional, and Expert courses. We held hundreds of training sessions and felt happy that the demand in professional education keeps growing, which means that we’ll schedule even more courses for the next year.

2019 was great and we want to say thank you for everyone who shared it with us. May the upcoming 2020 bring you the results you aim for. Happy holidays!

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