Zabbix Conference 2014

Zabbix Team is very proud and honored that the 4th Zabbix annual event, Zabbix Conference 2014, has gathered almost 200 attendees from all over the world, making this year’s event the most large-scale among all the previous Zabbix conferences.

We are so happy and pleased to see that the number of Zabbix community members, followers and users is steadily and rapidly growing, joining together more and more guests and participants to the Zabbix conference every year! 🙂

We thank our honored speakers, who have shared their very interesting and exclusive presentations and live demos, providing the conference attendees with new information for thinking and further development.Speakers of Zabbix Conference 2014We thank our generous sponsors, who have supported this year’s event and helped us to make it more resourceful and diverse.

Sponsors of Zabbix Conference 2014We thank all of you, who took part in the Zabbix Conference 2014! We truly appreciate your attendance and hope that you had a great and valuable time communicating and exchanging your knowledge and experience with each other! 🙂

Participants of Zabbix Conference 2014Looking forward to seeing you all next year at the Zabbix Conference 2015!

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