One day after the Zabbix Conference 2014, on September 13th,  Zabbix team and some delegates from the conference participated in the biggest charity sports event in the Baltics – Nike Riga Run, aimed to raise funds for the charity organization children’s treatment and rehabilitation project.

The most active, persistent and courageous Zabbixers and overseas guests, who still had some strength and energy after the intense 2-day conference, had decided to spend this sunny and refreshing Sunday morning, running either the distance of 5km or 10km in the Mežaparks (en. Forest Park).

Zabbix Team is ready to run!

What is the most important – not only men of the Zabbix team decided to be active this Sunday morning, but also women have shown their power and healthy mind.

The strongest part of Zabbix Sport Team
From left to right: Līga Skadiņa, Māra Medne, Jeļena Turuļina

Each of the Zabbix runners has invested a lot of time and effort into preparation for this challenge. And, of course, we are very proud of everyone! So, here are our results:

5km running:
Līga Skadiņa: 37th place out of 298 in her group, time 0:28:27
Ingus Vilnis: 51st place out of 92 in his group, time 0:28:27
Artūrs Galapovs:  82nd place out of 117 in his group, time 0:29:12
Jeļena Turuļina: 127th place out of 162 in her group, time 0:34:35

10 km running:
Ulf-Erik Forsbakk from Oslo (Zabbix conference delegate): 11th place out of 101, time 0:42:28
Māra Medne: 21st place out of 65 in her group, time 0:56:49
Andris Mednis: 24th place out of 28 in his group, time 1:00:39
Aleksejs Vladiševs: 50th place out of 101, time 0:51:24
Vladimir Levijev: 148th place out of 287 in his group, time  0:51:24
Aleksandrs Saveljevs: 203rd place out of 417 in his group, time 0:50:17

All results of the Nike Riga Run are available online.

Congratulations to our brave Zabbix Sports Team!!! 🙂

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