The Zabbix API is a great tool, which allows you to extend and tailor Zabbix to your specific needs. Yet using it still poses a challenge for many developers, because a lot of it is still undocumented. To solve this problem and make the API more open to third party developers we’ve decided to completely rewrite the documentation. Yes, everything. From scratch.

The new documentation will include three important components:

1. A separate constantly updating changelog for the API, which will reflect all of the changes that affect its behavior. To make sure you have a good impression about what’s going on, the changelog will include entries about both planned changes and bug fixes. It’s already available for 2.0 and for 2.2.

2. Method reference with detailed descriptions of methods and objects available via the API. It’s not only being rewritten, but also redesigned to make it easier to read and navigate. The first reference for the host class has recently been published; the rest will follow soon.

3. A beginners guide to introduce new developers to the Zabbix API. It will help you in starting to use the API and walk you through the most important concepts and features.

Creating and maintaining good documentation for the Zabbix API is not an easy task, but it’s definitely worth the effort. We hope that it will help users to implement new custom solutions and make more use of the awesome features that Zabbix provides.


By Pavel Jelisejev