As announced two months ago, translation/string freeze is obeyed now. Zabbix 2.0 branch enters freeze now in preparation for 2.0.4 release.

For 2.0.3 our awesome translators managed to get 6 translations to 100%. How will it go for 2.0.4?

The freeze

The translation freeze starts now – Thursday (2012.10.26) evening. It will end (with the first release candidate) at Tuesday (2012.10.30) evening. This is a window of opportunity for the skillful translators to ensure a 100% translation for the stable release.

New translations

Zabbix translation “landscape” has seen some changes since 2.0.3. For example, 3 new translations have appeared:

  • Finnish
  • Indonesian
  • Persian

This brings the total amount of languages to 24.

Out of these, Indonesian has done the best – it is in the top 3 translations with 99% (!) translated. That seems to be a likely target for a 100% completion.

Persian is currently at 31% completed. While not impossible, it is probably hard for it to jump to 100% soon enough.

Finnish has just started, and with 4% it might need some love to get out of the last place.

Current state

Let’s check how things are right now, and how they have changed since 2.0.3. As we had 6 languages at 100% for 2.0.3, we could see what’s the current “top 6”. The 6 winners for 2.0.3 were (alphabetic):

  • Chinese (Taiwan)
  • English (United States)
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

The current top 6, sorted by completion, looks like this:

  • English (United States) – 99%
  • Chinese (China) – 99%
  • Indonesian – 99%
  • Chinese (Taiwan) – 98%
  • Russian – 97%
  • French – 91%

So Chinese (China) and Indonesian have pushed Japanese and Ukrainian out of the top 6. It’s probably not too hard for the top 6 to push for 100%, and most likely both Japanese and Ukrainian have good chances to join as well, both being at 90%.

Greek and German both follow with 85%.

With 4 days left, let’s see which languages will reach the almost-magic 100% mark.

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Hans Vos
Hans Vos
9 years ago

I want to translate Zabbix in Dutch,
is it possible to help you translate ?

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