The Zabbix 2.0 translation team has done a great job, but there’s something else coming closer… no promises, but Zabbix 2.2 will come out one day 🙂

With lots of new features and improvements, translatable strings have changed significantly, too. Even for languages that are in great shape in 2.0, things don’t look that great in 2.2 – yet.

If you already are participating in translating Zabbix – thank you. We will try to provide some hints here on how to get started in 2.2 with the least amount of extra work.

If not yet – see the first steps to get started 😉

Overall working on 2.2 translations is no different than 2.0, although there is one thing translators might want to take advantage of – reusing as much as possible of the work already done for 2.0. If some strings haven’t changed from 2.0 to 2.2, it is possible to export 2.0 translation and import it in 2.2, only keeping the relevant strings. To do this:

Go to the corresponding language for Zabbix 2.0, open Translate tab and click on Download.

Save the .po file locally. Now go to the corresponding language for the trunk. Choose the saved .po file in the Upload File section. In the list of the options, choose Merge the file with the current file and turn conflicts into suggestions, and LC_MESSAGES/frontend.po in the Upload to dropdown. Now click Upload.

Note: setting all the options to correct values is important, otherwise you might even create extra useless work for the maintainers of this translation!

After the process completes, you should (hopefully) see that the amount of words that need attention (attention seekers, eh) is smaller.

Note that from now on any changes would have to be made for both 2.0 and trunk.

Happy translating 🙂

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Oleksii Zagorskyi
10 years ago

2013-10-08 at ~11:00 in the article an upload mode “Overwrite the current file if it exists” has been replaced to “Merge the file with the current file and turn conflicts into suggestions”.

After uploading the po file it’s possible that there will appear your own suggestions.
This can happen in case, for example when trunk had outdated (not the best) translations of long time existing strings, which were improved in 2.0 after the trunk has been cloned from 2.0 a year ago or so.

You will probably need to approve these own suggestions.
Go to “Review” tab -> “Review Suggestions” link, check every suggestion and press a green check-box icon above suggestion.
Note that you don’t need to press “Submit” button then, click just Next.

From this point all translators got the same permissions to the trunk as they have to 2.0.

Happy translating !

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