The translation improvement initiative is progressing nicely. We had a large jump for French from 69% to 100% and Japanese did the last sprint from 98% to 100% as well. The last percent for Chinese (Taiwan) was finished even before that, thus there are currently 5 translations that are 100% finished. Hooray!

Another significant improvement was German, going from 81% to 94%, and Ukrainian went from 79% to 87%.

Still some 8 hours left to get the translations in 2.0.3. While large surprises are less likely to happen now, let’s see whether there will be any other noticeable improvements.

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Oleksiy Zagorskyi
Oleksiy Zagorskyi
11 years ago

Ukrainian currently went to 100% in last seconds before the RC1 of 2.0.3
Introduced string freeze did a miracle !
We did it ! 😀

11 years ago

It is very happy to see that much language supported in zabbix 2.0.3 , especially Chinese(Taiwan).
zabbix should dominate the open source monitoring world in Chinese IT community.
I believe it will.

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